There will be a new vendor at the Des Moines Farmers Market this Saturday, and they’ve got something hot that will really wake you up. We’re talking of course about waking up your taste buds, with some very spicy sauces – upwards of 5-to-6 star spicy – and they’re giving out free samples at their tent. Four Sisters Gourmet Sauces is a new, local company run by four sisters. They make and sell original sauces, most of which are rather spicy and based on Vietnamese recipes. Started just over a month ago, the ingredients of their sauces are based on their grandmother’s cooking. “My Grandma was from Nimh Hoa, in South Vietnam,” said Julie Quach, one of the four sisters. “She made the best food, and passed down her recipes to us, which we’re now using in our sauces.” Julie spent her childhood years in Vietnam, during the war. As you can probably guess, those were some rather difficult times. “We lost our entire home,” Julie said. “I grew up running from bombs – literally running from them. I saw entire villages destroyed, and it felt like our whole family was always trying to escape the war. There were explosions everywhere, and people were stepping on each other…” Julie came to the US in 1980, as one of the “boat people” refugees. She makes her home in Burien, and her “day job” is as a weaver of oriental rugs in Ballard. For more information, visit their website here. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="490"] Two of the “Four Sisters”: Betty, left, and Julie Quach.[/caption]