An open letter to all real estate companies selling in the city of Des Moines, Describing as many positive reasons for buying a home in Des Moines  including: quality of the school system, beautiful views, good roads, wonderful parks, and all the other attractive features of living in Des Moines, are the things that most good agents tell prospective clients in order to encourage them to buy.  When the agent describes the house he probably emphasizes all of the good features as well. If the prospective buyer asks if a home is located in a good neighbor hood, Do you believe the agent has any fiduciary duty to inform the client of any knowledge he might have of the high crime statistics in Des Moines? Were you aware a total of 1056 criminal acts were perpetrated in our city in 2011? There were 2 murders, 7 rapes, 37 robberies, 45 aggravated assaults, 8 arsons,100 auto thefts, 230 burglaries and 627 larcenies. Who knows what those statistics will show for the year 2012! That’s not bad enough, in addition to all that crime our police department is under staffed by more than 20% at last count.  That means: The remaining officers are in greater peril because officers in some cases must be assigned to go on patrol alone to protect you! We’ve already had one of our officers murdered because he had no backup while trying to protect you! Did you or any of your relatives or friend’s suffer as victims of any of the crimes listed here last year?    Will you or any of your relatives or friends be victims this year? What do you think the outcome would be if, a group of criminals attempted to invade your home, and when you called police, all available officers were investigating a fatal accident on International Boulevard? We don’t like to think of something like that happening. But aren’t we reading about or watching the TV news about home invasions, burglaries, or murders every day in our surrounding cities? It only seems logical, that more of that kind of crime may come to Des Moines.   Some of us are concerned, that it may happen in our neighborhood. It’s a known fact, “Areas with a reduced police presence attract criminal activity.” Our City Council doesn’t seem to care. They are too busy trying to revise our history by trying to convince us of their preposterous claim that Des Moines Beach Park is the birth place of Des Moines! They place no importance on hiring police officers to help reduce crime in Des Moines. They apparently didn’t realize that the voters said no to their grandiose plans to spend our money in the beach park that the city had neglected for so many years. Since the resounding defeat of the tax increase, they have gone on their merry way continuing to spend and spend in the park, while the citizens continue to be exposed to the ever increasing crime in our city. PUBLIC SAFETEY is the single most important service, any village, town, city, state or nation can provide to its inhabitants.  It’s what civilization is about. If our council doesn’t understand that simple concept, they are not qualified to govern any kind of organization. Now that you have been made aware of the crime in Des Moines, Do you believe you have any fiduciary responsibility to inform each of your prospective buyers of those crime statistics? If you have any answers, I would really like to hear them. Yours truly, Don Wasson [email protected] [Have an opinion or concern you’d like to share with our Readers? Please send us your Letter to the Editor via email. Include your full name, and, pending our review, we’ll most likely publish it.]]]>