The Des Moines Waterfront Famers Market is excited to introduce one of its new vendors – Sanford’s Farm – for the upcoming 2013 season, which opens this coming Saturday, June 1! Sanford’s Farm is a labor of love and lifestyle started by Jeremy and Angela Sanford along with their three children, Morgan, Emmeline and Jeremy Jr. After working his way up to farm manager on an organic farm up north for a few seasons, Jeremy decided he no longer wanted to work for someone else but to work toward a heritage and life style that can be passed on to future generations of his family.

In the spring of 2012 the couple began a search for the perfect place to move their family and start their business. During their search they discovered a farm that was part of an original 100-acre dairy in the Orting Valley. The property was preserved by the PCC Farmland Trust, an organization dedicated to the preservation of organic farmland in Washington State. The Orting Valley has additional significance to the family as Angela’s father was born in Orting and her grandparents were raised there. The Sanford family moved onto the farm in July 2012. It was a bit late to get the property in shape to plant crops but with the donation of 28 layer chickens the egg production of the farm began. With the purchase of 100 broiler chickens the first meat harvest was in December 2012. A second harvest of meat chickens was in January 2013. Four hundred egg layers were also brooded in January 2013 with expanded egg production to begin in May 2013. The 27 acre farm grows vegetables, herbs and flowers along with the chicken production. Everything on the farm is grown organically and the farm is certified to process poultry so harvesting, butchering and packaging all happens on the farm with no outside processing plants involved. The family believes in offering a quality local food source that will also encourage people to discover and learn about the farm and its sustainable farming and land management practices.
Be sure to stop by on opening day on Saturday, June 1 to say hello.]]>