At their August meeting, the Board of Directors of Destination Des Moines re-elected Tony Hettler President for a two-year term. Other Directors include Jill Pritchard of the Scotch and Vine; Susan Goegebuer (Treasurer) with SeaPort Petroleum; Lindsay Smith Mora (Secretary), Relationship Manager with Des Moines Key Bank; Michelle Fawcett, owner of Salon Michelle; Gene Achziger, President of Des Moines Pool District; and Shan Hoel, a Des Moines resident. Also on the agenda for the meeting was to discuss the 2013 Fall Events including the Trick or Treat Path and the Holiday Tree Lighting, which Destination Des Moines produces with the help of local Des Moines Businesses. In addition to the Fall Events, Destination Des Moines produces and manages The Fireworks Over Des Moines, the Waterland Parade and the annual Des Moines Classic Car and Boat Show. Destination Des Moines was founded in 2006. The mission of Destination Des Moines is to help develop awareness of the City of Des Moines as a great place to attend and hold community events, to open and operate a business and to assist other organizations in promoting and marketing events. The principal goal is to bring together for the common good the community, businesses, non-profit organizations and the city departments as partners so that we can capitalize on the natural assets located in Des Moines, such as the Des Moines Marina and the Historic Beach Park. Building this alliance is critically important to the Success of our community and its businesses. To become a member of Destination Des Moines, to volunteer or contribute to any of their events, please call 206-870-7675 or email [email protected] for a membership application, or to be added to their list of volunteers. And be sure to “Like” them on Facebook:]]>