All CrossFit gyms are different. While they share the same basic programming tenants, the cultures and box philosophies can vary greatly. At Waterland CrossFit, I believe that CrossFit is EXERCISE. Period. It is not a “cult” and I don’t care if people watch training videos at home or they don’t. I don’t care if they are passionate CrossFit worshipers or if they show up and work and go home and don’t think about CrossFit until they show up next time. Results happen either way. So, I care very much that they show up next time. I care that they enjoy their experience and don’t get hurt and have healthier, better lives because of their participation. I don’t encourage workout volume or intensity that makes people barf after a workout or struggle to climb off of the toilet. I respect effort and consistency and safety. Injury is NOT healthy. My only goal is a steady and safe progression through the fitness journey, no matter where you are starting. We have members of every shape, size and fitness level. This journey is a personal one. I do not judge anyone’s journey. It is yours, not mine, though I am here to support you in any way that I can. CrossFit is the best training idea I have ever found. It makes sense and it works. It can be done safely and should be fun. It should not be dangerous or miserable. It is not easy, but that’s why it works. I love our members and am committed to providing an encouraging, accountable, safe and fun place where people can make their lives better. We discuss nutrition and jobs and families. We share much and help and support each other where we can. Health is the cornerstone of any good life. However, other stones are important as well: community, a sense of “forward motion” and joy are all recognized as valuable. A balanced, healthy, happy life is my only wish for all of my members. So, if you are considering whether or not CrossFit is right for you, it is. It is right for everybody. – Dave Markwell Owner/Head coach:

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