Sources tell the Waterland Blog that Landmark on the Sound has indeed been purchased, conditional on a City Council-authorized rezoning of the property for commercial uses. Contrary to rumors circulating, however, the commercial uses in question do not relate to gambling activities. A proposed resort hotel is the focus of the rezoning on the table, with timeshare condos being built on the east side of the property, an area for events on the west edge of the property, a spa, and a small card room. The Blog has been assured that the Council is not inclined to grant rezoning for a casino as that would be totally incompatible with the neighborhood. What’s unclear is the fate of the existing building–or the potential impact of the property being listed on the National Register of Historic Places or as a National Historic Landmark. We’ll post updates to this story as they come in. UPDATE, 11/6/14 5:00 PM — The City has confirmed that the basic facts as we have them are correct. Additionally, the proposed architectural plans call for retaining the existing historical buildings on the grounds and refurbishing them. We’ll attempt to get more details from the architect tomorrow.]]>