Sadly, longtime, deepy-involved and beloved Des Moines resident, city councilmember, Realtor, photographer and local historian Carmen Scott passed away on Thanksgiving night (Thursday, Nov. 27). Carmen had suffered from numerous brain tumors, which were diagnosed in May, 2013. “Another light in our community is gone,” Mayor Dave Kaplan said. “It’s difficult to put into words what she meant to Des Moines … what she meant to a multitude of organizations in our town … what she meant to each of us personally. My condolences to her family, and to her many friends grieved by her passing. May memories of her be a blessing to us all.” The paved trail running from the Marina to the turnaround at the start of the Des Moines Beach Park Trail was recently re-named for her. She long ago recognized its’ historical importance, as well as the importance of the Beach Park to the community of Des Moines. A city proclamation said this about Carmen:

“The City Council honors Carmen L. Scott for her service to the Des Moines community as an outstanding citizen, dedicated community leader, steadfast historic advocate, revered photographer, and for twenty two years of public service as a member of the Des Moines Planning Agency and as a Des Moines City Councilmember.”
“My focus as a Council Member is of making economically and environmentally sound land use decisions, encouraging economic development, and using my photography to market the many features and unique assets of our beautiful and historical Waterfront setting on the shores of Puget Sound,” Carmen posted on her LinkedIn page. Here are some comments posted on Mayor Kaplan’s Facebook page:
Mark Proulx: “She was a citizen in the fullest sense of the word.” Sue Padden: “You say my thoughts exactly and so much better than I ever could Dave. I will miss my friend & mentor.” Janet Garrott Grella” “Thank you for sharing this news Dave. She was the best of the best!” Sue Padden: “She & Scotty are dancing together again. I am certain she will need him to carry her ladder in heaven while she takes photos of all the other angels.”
Here are some photos by David Sharpe of the city council honoring her in August: CarmenScott091414-1 Photo by David Sharpe. CarmenScott091414 CarmenScott081414-2 CarmenScottDMCouncil2
Carmen attended just about every Farmers Market, where she sold postcards of photos she had taken of Des Moines. Here are some of Carmen’s photos that she often shared with us: Everyone at The Waterland Blog sends their deepest sympathies to Carmen’s family, friends, co-workers and well, all Des Moines residents…]]>