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Yesterday, my first time, I went to Olympia to engage my government. I came back disheartened disappointed, shellacked by politics. Yes the marble was grand – the ceilings lofty – the ideas wonderful, yet the rhetoric knee deep. McCleary and dollars weighed heavy on all. I met Mia, Tina and Karen shaking hands, all with affirmative nods. Around the sundial, I heard the chatter of the boys from the east side of the state. Where is the power? Gate-keepers? Corporations with deep pockets? Those that allow information in or set meetings? I can’t see the dog from all tails wagging here. I jostled in the priority and rankings of those present to be heard. Professional lobbyists in nice suits, milled about staffers “not in my network”. Us amateurs, bussed in, waited in the hall – the credit union printed tote bags and an epidemic of AIDS / HIV Red T-shirts. A day amidst nursing assistances, credit unions, and State Fair peoples. All jockeying for their slotted 15 minute face time yet it felt like media day for the Seahawks and answers were Richard Sherman non-answers. What am I saying? I am scared. OMG WTF? State government is microcosm of our nation. Be aware. Start with local government keep the politics at bay. Vote. Read. – Jim Otremsky Registered Voter Washington Resident (Canary via coalmine. Yes there is a problem – sadly I don’t have any answers.)
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