SKF&RAd2 Are you a member of a community organization or block watch? Have a scout group or business networking group which you would like to educate?  Did you know that informative, entertaining and lifesaving presentations are available to your group free of charge? Our very own South King Fire and Rescue team are extending an open invitation to community groups who would like to learn about a whole host of valuable topics including disaster preparedness,safety and more. South King Fire & Rescue was created when the Des Moines Fire Department and the Federal Way Fire Departments combined their resources in 2009. Some changes were easy to see, like the Des Moines station being renamed “Station 67” and the uniform patches. Other differences were actually more significant but less obvious from the outside. Such as, the number of firefighters in the Des Moines station increasing from a minimum of 4 firefighters to 5, assuring that there is always an engine and aid car available 24 hours a day every day. According to Community Affairs Officer, Captain Jeff Bellinghausen:

“We would like an opportunity to update you on all that the fire department is doing in the community and answer any question you might have like ‘Why do you sometimes respond to medical calls with a fire engine?’ Or ‘What happens if both the aid car and fire engine are on calls and I need help?’ If your group would like to hear about disaster preparation or learn ‘hands only CPR’ we can do that at your next meeting. We can even discuss the details of our upcoming bond measure and answer all your questions. All we need is an invitation.”
It’s as easy as that! Just make a quick phone call, or tap out an email and make your next meeting a breeze. Your local heroes are ready to help! Contact:
PHONE: (253) 946-7347 EMAIL: [email protected] WEB: