Mike Mason works at a local tax service, and he tells The Waterland Blog that their beloved ‘waver’ – a mannequin named Libby GaGa – is missing! liberty 068 liberty 067 Mason says that GaGa was  shipped up from California in early January. “She was a model employee, very soft spoken,” he said. “Libby never complained and even worked through her breaks and lunch. In fact Libby stayed here all the time and never went home.” On Saturday night, Feb. 20 Libby had been working tirelessly all day on the corner of Marine View Drive South and S. 219th Street. “We usually bring her in at dusk, but that day, we got real busy and next thing you know we looked up and around 6:10pm that night, Libby was gone!” he added. “We suspect foul play, we dont believe Libby would run off by herself.” She was last seen on the northwest corner of S. 219th Street and Marine View Drive South in Des Moines (map below) near the Dollar Tree intersection and kitty corner from Marine View Espresso. Libby was last seen wearing a Statue of Liberty visor/hat, a red Liberty Tax shirt, blue and green Seahawk beads around her neck, black pants and black flat shoes. She’s about 5 foot 9-10 inches tall, light skin, with a thin build, long flowing blond hair, and dark hazel eyes. “Even though we like to have fun with this, we seriously we would like her back – she cost around $1000 fully outfitted and its the peak of tax season,” he said. They are also offering a reward. “If someone has any security video we can use or information leading to finding her or just bring her back unharmed and in one piece we’ll give you $100 no questions asked or we ‘ll do your 2015 taxes for free.” If you’ve seen Libby, or know her whereabouts, please contact Mike at (206) 430-5240.]]>