From Advertiser Puget Sound Moving: Your move is an important step in your life. Whether you’re moving into a new city for your career or you’ve decided to settle down and start a family, you want to make sure the process is as smooth and reliable as possible. You also want to avoid breaking the bank, which may lead to you accepting conditions that you shouldn’t—not all Kent-area moving companies are equal. When you’re shopping around for long distance movers, the question of exactly how your possessions make it from Point A to Point B become more important than ever. At Puget Sound Moving, we take great care to provide consistent, dependable moving services in Kent, WA to anywhere in the country, but many van line services prefer to take the “make a quick buck” approach, cutting corners to save on costs. We’ve gone through the comparison process pretty extensively, and are happy to share a few of the most important tips with you. When you’re looking for a long distance mover, look out for the following things:

  • Truck-Sharing. When your mover loads your belongings into a truck, do they go into a dedicated vehicle that goes straight to your new home? Or do they load your possessions in alongside those from other moves in order to save money? Truck-sharing makes it much easier to lose track of customers’ belongings, and isn’t recommended.
  • Delivery Dates. Is there a single, guaranteed delivery date for your move? Van line services may offer a range of dates for delivery, which seems like an acceptable practice on paper but is very frustrating in reality. When starting a new life in a new city, you want as much stability and consistency as you can get.
  • Non-Stop Transport. You should ask your moving company how many stops they plan on making during the trip to your new home. They should offer non-stop transport to your destination, but may respond that they make pick-ups and drop-offs along the way, or that they’ll load and unload your belongings in a deposit overnight. Non-stop transport is by far the best option.
  • Your Point Of Contact. If something goes wrong with your move, or you want to know exactly where your belongings are, who do you call? You should know exactly who to contact and what that person can do for you. A single local office is hugely preferable to having to deal with multiple points of contact.
If you pay attention to these points of comparison, you have everything you need to choose the right moving company for your long distance move. Responsible, accountable movers will be happy to walk you through the process and allay any concerns you may have. Your move is too important to be given back-seat treatment, so make sure you get the best, safest and most secure service possible. Puget Sound Moving has been providing world-class moving services to the Kent area since 2009. We serve Des Moines and the surrounding county, providing trustworthy, affordable moving services to homeowners and businesses alike.]]>