The Des Moines Police Department announced Wednesday (March 8) that they are seeking Home and Business Surveillance Camera owners to register and share their video feeds as a way to increase security in the city. Police say that – in the event of a crime where police believe all or part of an incident may have been captured by a surveillance camera – the registered owner of the camera(s) may be contacted by police in an effort to obtain video evidence. The program is completely free and voluntary. Police add that participant names and locations of the camera(s) will only be accessible by police personnel. No one from the police department will have access to any live feeds from your camera or have control over your cameras or security system. Your registration will allow police to quickly review a list of possible camera locations in a geographical area to determine if there may be video surveillance of an incident. Each participant in the program will receive a free window decal indicating you are part of a police and community partnership. Steps to Register Your Camera:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the link for Register a Camera
  3. Click on Participating Agencies (Des Moines Police Department)
  4. Register Your Camera