Waterland Arcade: Our “WHY?”…And a FUNd-raiser!!! Last weekend, I glanced over at our air hockey table and saw a little girl, around 5 years old I would guess, playing with her dad. She was a cutie wearing a purple hoodie and pink, Velcro-laced sneakers. She stood on one of our little green boxes to get tall enough to play. Her dad was a kind of gruff-looking construction dude. Upon scoring a goal, the little girl giggled, hysterically, as her dad feigned anger. She continued laughing. He smiled. And then, I smiled. This is our “why?” Our “why?” is to create a community gathering spot where relationships are built; connections are made; ideas and fun are shared. We believe these things support stronger friendships and families. We also believe that these things make Des Moines better. This is our “why?”, too. So, while a little girl’s laugh may not show up as a line item on a spreadsheet, it may perhaps possess more value than some of the things that do. At the foundation of our business is this understanding. It is this understanding which motivates us to share more and create more and give more…to the kids and families and friends living in our wonderful little water town. That’s our “why?”… Part of this “Why?” is service. With this in mind, we are proud to support Jake’s Crew and their efforts to raise awareness and dough for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. This Saturday, April 15, between 3 – 5 p.m., we are hosting a fundraising event/party to help this cause and show some love for some terrific kids and parents living with the challenges of this disease. The party is open to the ALL and includes $10 2 hour unlimited play and Happy Hour prices in the Sandbar. YOU’RE INVITED!!!! Come on in, have some fun, and support good people doing good things!!!!

Dave Markwell Waterland Arcade- owner/manager 206-271-8100 [email protected]
As always, we’re open to hosting your party needs: birthdays, sports teams, fundraising, etc. Let us know how we can help or if you have any questions about how things work…]]>