At Thursday night’s Council meeting, the City of Des Moines gave out their 2016 Spirit of Des Moines Awards to several notable locals:

Lifetime Awards (posthumous):

Carmen Scott was a long-time member of the Des Moines community, having lived most of her life here. A community champion, she was an advocate for preserving Des Moines’ natural and historic landmarks. In 1987, as a citizen advocate, she fought to acquire and secure the historic Covenant Beach Park of the City of Des Moines (to say it from development). Carmen worked to see that our historic Beach Park was added to the state Historic Register. As a member of the Des Moines Historical Society and tied to this effort, she printed and preserved old photographs from our community’s early years. Her love of photography led her to document any number of events and activities in Des Moines…so much so that the Des Moines City Council labeled her the City’s “official photographer.” Many of these photos, printed at her own expense, became cards sold at the Des Moines Farmers Market to support the Des Moines Legacy Foundation…an organization dedicated to supporting senior and youth programs in Des Moines. Additional volunteer activities she engaged in include: the Des Moines Legacy Foundation Board, the Des Moines Landmark Commission; Destination Des Moines; production of interpretive signs for the Des Moines Beach Park; and on the City’s 50th Anniversary Committee. In addition to these volunteer actives, Carmen serve on the Des Moines Planning Agency from 1978-87, and served three terms on the Des Moines City Council (1988-91, 2006-2013). While on the council, he served: as Chair of the Municipal Facilities Committee; on the Finance & Economic Development Committee; as liaison to the Des Moines Arts Commission, Human Services advisory Committee, Senior Services Advisory Committee, and the Des Moines Farmers Market. For all her service to our community, we posthumously acknowledge the contributions of Carmen Scott with the Spirit of Des Moines Lifetime Award.

Nancy Warren was a long-time resident involved in the educational, business, and cultural activities in Des Moines, She was the program manager for the Hotel, Travel & Tourism program at Highline College, training students i the art of good management, and, more importantly, good customer service. In addition o her instruction at Highline, hr knowledge and expertise was shared with a variety of business organizations through her SuperHost consulting business, helping them to improve their customer service. By all accounts her training was very successful with the clients she had, both in and outside of Des Moines. Nancy was an accomplished musician and church organist. She put her musical talents on display, with the creative collaboration of her husband T.M. Sell, through stage productions they created and presented by Breeders Theatre. Nancy served as a member of the Des Moines Arts Commission, was an early Des Moines Legacy Foundation donor and supporter, and served on the Des Moines Lodging Tax Advisory Committee. She was also a strong advocate for animal rescue, and was an excellent cook … whose bacon-tomato frittata recipe was chosen for recording, and is shown on KCTS 9 periodically. For all of her service to our community, we posthumously acknowledge the contributions of Nancy Warren with the Spirit of Des Moines Lifetime Award.

Dick Body had been a Des Moines resident since 1963. He began volunteering at Des Moines Elementary School in 1970 (fund raisers, dug holes for benches, and was a Cub Scouts leader. He worked as a supervisor for the US Post Office (retiring in 1988), and was an active member in the supervisors’ labor group. He became a volunteer firefighter in 1987 with King County Fire District #26, until 1992. He continued to volunteer with South King Fire & Rescue, then with mail delivery, food & toy drives, and as the designated driver for the 1941 Chevrolet antique fire truck you see at community events in Des Moines and Federal Way. A woodworker, he has carved the station logos for each of the District’s stations for display at their Training Center. Dick also volunteered his wood working skills to assist with a number of projects at St. Philomena’s Parish and School here in Des Moines. As if that weren’t enough, he was also a long time driver for the “Meals on Wheels” program (delivering food to home- bound seniors, a volunteer driver to take seniors to doctor appointments, and drove the Hyde Senior Shuttle (a program started in Des Moines) since 2008. In 2016, Dick Body was nominated and selected by the Des Moines/Normandy Park Senior Activity Center staff for the Sound Generations “Inspire Aging Award” for Community Service. For all of his service to our community, we acknowledge the contributions of Dick Body with the Spirit of Des Moines Lifetime Award.

Lifetime Awards:

Anna & BJ Bjorneby are long-time Des Moines residents and business owners. Whether as the fun, safe place to go for Mt. Rainier student class parties or mentoring many of Des Moines’ youth, the Bjorneby’s have always been there for the community. Bjorneby’s Auto body had been a longstanding business in Seatac and Des Moines, giving excellent service to customers for decades. BJ & Anna are members of the Des Moines/Normandy Park Rotary, were supportive members of the Des Moines Chamber of Commerce, and helped establish Destination Des Moines. For years, they chaired the Waterland Festival & Parade, helping to keep the events happening in the absence of a chamber of commerce, and developing the talent for others to take over the event in the future. The Bjorneby’s are also long-time members of the Des Moines Yacht Club, and were very supportive of opening the annual South Sound opening day of boating to the Des Moines community to enjoy. For all of their service to our community, we acknowledge the contributions of Anna & BJ Bjorneby with the Spirit of Des Moines Lifetime Award.

Dianne & Ric Jacobson do not live in Des Moines, yet their commitment to our community over the years has been amazing. The former owners of Corky Cellars wine store, they brought a creative business to the Marina District that helped make Des Moines a destination for good wine, and fun wine tastings. Their participation in the Des Moines/Normandy Park Rotary resulted in the creation of the Poverty Bay Wine & Jazz Festival … one of the most successful annual events, which brings many people to town. Ric & Dianne were supporters of the Des Moines Legacy Foundation, got involved in the first few iterations of Destination Des Moines, participated in the Des Moines Chamber of Commerce, and helped support the establishment of the Des Moines Farmers Market. For the Waterland Festival, they sponsored one of the most fun activities of the event … the grape stomping contest known as Corky’s Crush. One of their more enduring efforts was creation of the Des Moines Business Boosters. The organization was founded to help beautify the town and continue events previously handled by the Chamber of Commerce, such as the Halloween Trick or Treat Path for kids, and the annual Tree Lighting ceremony. Those events would not have occurred for many years but for Dianne & Ric’s efforts. For all of their service to our community, we acknowledge the contributions of Dianne & Ric Jacobson with the Spirit of Des Moines Lifetime Award.

Rikki Marohl has served all twelve years as manager of the Des Moines Farmers Market, but she has done much more than that for our community. She is actively involved in the PTSA at various levels, has been an advocate and help to multiple children (including her own), has been a big supporter of all of the City’s events this past year, and she has led her family’s tremendous support for the Seattle Sounders FC and soccer at all levels of play. For this past year’s efforts, we acknowledge Rikki Marohl as having the Spirit of Des Moines.

Brian Snure is a Des Moines resident who has been active in the community for a long time. A member and former leader of the Des Moines/Normandy Park Rotary, he’s been active and supportive of their many activities over the past year. As an attorney representing many governmental organizations, he has volunteered his services pro bona (without charge) to help set up the legal structure for any number of our local non-profit organizations (Des Moines Legacy Foundation, etc.). This past year, he donated his services to help get the Des Moines Police Foundation on a secure legal footing as a charitable non-profit organization. Brian makes things happen, and with a dose of humor added. For this past year’s efforts, we acknowledge Brian Snure as having the Spirit of Des Moines.

Organizational Awards:

“Open Hearts. Open Minds. Open Doors.” Des Moines’ United Methodist Church has been around since 1888 … before DM was platted in 1890 and before most settlers had arrived here. They have been a voice for social justice, not only in our community but in the region. Over the years, this Congregation has practiced what is preached. The Church is the host of the Des Moines Area Food Bank, and the local fund raiser CROP Hunger Walk. The Church was the birth place of the Domestic Abuse Women’s Network (DAWN), starting the support services to meet the needs of those fleeing abusive situations at home. They have been a supporter of Hospitality House in Burien, providing shelter to homeless single women. When there has been need of space for a significant community meeting, the church has responded, doors open to all. A number of community leaders have sprung from this congregation over the years, including Jack Kniskern (prior Spirit of Des Moines Award-Winning recipient). The church’s affiliation through the Pacific Northwest Conference of the United Methodist Church, affiliated with Wesley Homes…whose Board has been generous to the City in providing the land on which City Hall, our Engineering Building and our first King County Library sit. For these, and many more small and larger contributions they have made to the betterment of Des Moines, we acknowledge Des Moines United Methodist Church as having the Spirit of Des Moines.

The Des Moines Area Food Bank was started by the Des Moines United Methodist Church in 1966 and became a separate nonprofit in 1983. This past year marks 50 years of service that the Des Moines Area Food Bank has provided support to needy families in Des Moines, south SeaTac, and the West Hill of Kent. Under Executive Director Kris Van Gasken and Associate Director Barb Shimizu, the Des Moines Area Food Bank has grown to meet the growing needs of our diverse community. Still located at the Des Moines United Methodist Church, they have worked long, hard hours in tight quarters to meet the nutritional needs of our growing community. Over 900 families are served each month. What is most amazing, they have over 200 regular volunteers who help pick up and prepare donations for distribution. In addition, the Des Moines Area Food Bank works with 11 areas schools to provide backpacks of food to over 350 kids who have been identified as being at risk of hunger each weekend throughout the school year, and provides over 55,000 meals for kids and teens at over 25 sites each summer. These meal sites are located in parks, school yards, apartment complexes and the Des Moines Farmers Market. How much the poorer we all would be without the food bank’s efforts. For feeding those most in need, and helping to make our community whole, we acknowledge Kris Van Gasken, Barb Shimizu, and the Des Moines Area Food Bank as having the Spirit of Des Moines.

For over 100 years and at least three generations, the Powell family has been great supporters of our community. Local homebuilders and remodelers, they’ve built many of the neighborhoods in Des Moines – most notably the Huntington Park senior community. They built Cecil Powell Park and donated it to the City for neighborhood use. They have been strong financial supporters of Des Moines activities, whether as sponsor of little league baseball teams, the Waterland Festival, Des Moines/Normandy Park Rotary activities, or the 4th of July Fireworks shows. In fact, but for their commitment, the Fireworks shows would have fallen by the wayside during the last economic downturn. Additionally, the Powells have provided leadership with many Des Moines area community organizations over the years, including the Des Moines Marina Association and the old Des Moines Chamber of Commerce. For their building our community, both figuratively and literally, we acknowledge Powell Homes as having the Spirit of Des Moines.

A long-time community business, B&E Meats has provided quality meat to Des Moines area residents for 50 years. They have been a sponsor of many community events, and have been an anchor destination for the Marina District business district, and an important contributor to keeping our residents connected. For their service to our residents and our City, we acknowledge B&E Meats as having the Spirit of Des Moines.