By Devin Otto Intern, Big Picture High School The Des Moines Theater hosted an open house on Saturday afternoon, Aug. 26. It’s in the process of construction, with plans to add housing to the upper floors of the historic building. There are also plans in the works to add two additional floors for housing, as well as space for retail. While deconstruction is in its final leg, construction of the new aspects of the theater and the housing will begin in the fall of this year, and both are expected to be completed and open to the public in Summer or Fall of 2019. According to organizers at the event though, they have a feeling it may in fact take less time than predicted. The theater, which has gone through many changes over its 60 years, will be preserved. It will be converted into a multi-use venue, that’ll show family-oriented films, host live music, and even will be available to book for larger events. Here are some photos from the event: ]]>