After many years of “Feel Good Fridays,” a definitive collection of Dave Markwell’s weekly column for The Waterland Blog has been compiled and is AVAILABLE for your reading delight! Through the years, Dave has chronicled the lives of his kids, dogs, and the challenges and joys of parenthood and human-hood, as well as his search for “answers” to the often murky questions of the heart. “Meaning of life” questions about purpose and value and love and struggle and time are explored with an open-minded curiosity and a wide-eyed marvel at the richness of our shared human experience. This collection of words and ideas spans the universal topic of “what’s important?” It challenges the reader to search and find and feel an answer worthy of being called a “truth”. It’s a gentle reminder of the power of a simple moment and speaks to the voices we sometimes feel more than hear…and it’s kind of funny, too.

Copies of Dave’s new book can be purchased from Amazon by clicking here.

Or…Dave is tending the Sandbar at the Waterland Arcade in downtown Des Moines on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 5-8 p.m., and has copies available for sale, which he may even autograph if you say the magic word. He also likes visitors, so stop in and say “hi”!]]>