The Barnes Creek Trail project has been completed, and here’s a first-hand account of it courtesy Boy Scout Joel Mensonides:

I and other boys in my troop collaborated and conspired with city employees Brandon Carver, Dan Brewer, Councilman Rob Back and with the particular blessing of Mayor Matt Pina to complete this .36 of a mile trail. With much labor and pain and while dealing with various troubles and toil – we persisted in finishing – after 6 individual Eagle service projects over a 10 month period.

It’s a trail hacked from nothing – now of particular pleasantness. I have observed people and pets enjoying the fruit of our labor and all the scouts of 307 rejoice with this news! It’s a nature trail and you can feel as if you are alone in the woods. Ten foot wide covered in wood shavings the trail features a foot bridge over wetlands, views of the city, and even some wildlife viewing. It is part of the cities master plan to join existing trails together. You can now access the Des Moines creek trail from 220th st. The portion that the Boyscouts of troop 307 in Federal Way are responsible for is between 216th and 220th st. Approaching from 216th it is located west of the post office a few blocks.

Finally, we are having a ribbon cutting at 11 a.m. on Saturday Oct. 21 on the 216th side of the trail. We the scouts who spearheaded the project Allen Roach, David Runions, Jonah Mensonides, Reece Binder and Avery and Duncan Welch invite the residents and visitors of the fair City of Des Moines to come and use the trail. We want to thank those people who invaluable help was needed and cheerfully given. First to councilman Rob Back helped with the trail with his equipment and personal help, to Brandon Carver to guided and provided city resources necessary, Scoutmaster David Detzler or all his help with resources and time, and to Lou Mensonides for the use of his equipment and to Joel Mensonides and Chris Roach for operating tractors and other mechanical equipment.