Dear Des Moines Residents, My name is Matt Mahoney and I am a candidate for Des Moines City Council Position 7. Since my wife Beverly (Bev) and I made the decision to run for office in December of 2016 we have dedicated ourselves to getting to know our city and our neighbors by building relationships. This has been an incredible process and we have found the Des Moines community and its people to be amazing. We have been welcomed with open arms and are very thankful and happy to be here. We are very fortunate to be part of this great city and thank you all!

Who am I?

I am:
  • A Washington Native
  • A US Army Veteran
  • A Former Fire Commissioner PCFD #26 and Volunteer Firefighter
  • A member of the Des Moines Citizen’s Advisory Committee
  • A trustee at our North Hill Community Club
  • An avid scuba diver and love the access to the shorelines of our city
  • A father to 4 children and 4 grandchildren
  • An active volunteer in the community along with my wife Bev
  • A Nordstrom employee as a merchant for nearly 20 years. Prior to that I worked at a Native American Fireworks Wholesaler (Salish Fireworks) and Crystal Mountain Ski Resort
  • Very passionate about the city of Des Moines!

Why am I running for office?

  1. To continue supporting the work of our current council ensuring our city remain on the path of sustainability by building a strong business base – This is the honest way to meet the needs of our city.
  2. Revitalization of the Downtown in conjunction with the Marina, Redondo and the use of our commercial property on Pacific Highway – Realizing the vision we all know our city will be. Creating a great economic engine that provide sustainable revenues sources, living wage jobs and opportunities for our residents to thrive and enjoy our community.
  3. Support the needs of our 9 Des Moines Neighborhoods (Central Des Moines, Marina District, North Central, North Hill, Pacific Ridge, Redondo, South Des Moines, Woodmont and Zenith. – Improved City Services, Infrastructure Improvements, Public Safety, Crime Prevention, Parks and Recreation, and Airport issues.
  4. Build Community – Connect our diverse population together thru community activities, meeting places and relationship building.

Who Endorses my candidacy?

  • 6 Current City Councilmembers – Pina, Kaplan, Musser, Back, Bangs, and Pennington.
  • Our Local Des Moines Police Officers Guild
  • Our South King County Professional Firefighters Local #2024
  • The Affordable Housing Council thru the Master Builders Association
  • Our South King County Real Estate Professionals
  • Our Central Puget Sound Carpenters Local 30
  • A large number of Des Moines Businesses
  • A formidable contingent of Des Moines Residents (see all at bottom of this letter)

Why cast your vote for Matt Mahoney for Des Moines City Council Position 7?

4 Reasons: Knowledge, Experience, Maturity and Commitment: Knowledge: Understanding the city and its challenges, and the history behind it!
  1. A life time of learnings, experiences and applications down a well-traveled life path.
  2. I attend all the community meetings where I listen, learn and participate in discussions concerning our issues, our history, our culture, and most importantly our future.
  3. I research our city continually. For example, on the light rail commute into Seattle I would often be caught reading the Des Moines Comprehensive Plan, Capital Improvement Projects, reviewing the budget or studying our history.
  4. I spend time with key leaders and citizens throughout the community, discussing various points of view concerning our city.
Experience: This background prepares me to execute thought out, purposed and decisive duties!
  1. I have 30 years of business experience – I have a record of growing business, reducing costs, budgeting and coaching and mentoring talent from all walks of life.
  2. A background in development where environmental concerns are involved, i.e. 25-year development plan in conjunction with the US Forest Service and environmental firms for improvements such as the new Gondola and Upper Mountain Lodge while at Crystal Mountain. This experience provides insight to similar challenges we face while tying the Marina to our downtown and along with other development in our community.
  3. Leadership – Learned Confidence by listening, connecting, being informed and influencing others.
  4. Customer Centric Focus – As a Nordstrom employee, I understand and demonstrate the value of serving the customer and can translate that understanding into practical ways for our city to better service our businesses and citizens.
Maturity: Level headed, wisdom based common sense!
  1. Composed and Honorable Conduct
  2. Good Decision-Making Skills
  3. Effective and absent of overreaction
  4. Honest and Transparent
  5. A get it done philosophy
Commitment: Demonstration of active engagement in the community over time
  1. I attend City Council meetings, missed two in past 2 years.
  2. I show up and participate at community meeting of every type – Marina meetings, Pool meetings, Port and Airport forums, etc. Bev and I attend every community gathering we possibly can, i.e. Charity Events, Parades, Art Walks, Music events and so much more.
  3. I often speak in public forums of our concerns as residents – effects of the airport, crime, mail theft, traffic, safety concerns, etc.
During this campaign, Bev and I take the relationships that we’ve built with this city and many of our residents very seriously and we want to continue those relationships because together we can realize Des Moines bright future So, I humbly ask for the opportunity to be part of the leadership that will steer our city’s future. From a beautiful and quaint Redondo, thru a lush tree filled Woodmont down the path that takes us to our unique Zenith, South and Central Des Moines neighborhoods to a diverse and opportunistic Pacific Highway into our new Business Park (North Des Moines) up to North Hill and ending in our revitalized down town connected to our Marina, we will be the city to be envied! If hard work, common sense, action and integrity are what you look for in a candidate, then I submit myself as someone who is committed to be that candidate.

Vote for Matt Mahoney for Des Moines City Position 7 this November 7th!

Be sure to visit my website at Respectfully, Matt Mahoney 425-941-0090 Endorsed by the following:
  • Matt Pina, Mayor, City of Des Moines
  • Dave Kaplan, Des Moines Councilmember
  • Melissa Musser, Des Moines City Councilmember
  • Vic Pennington, Des Moines City Councilmember
  • M. Luisa Bangs, Des Moines City Councilmember
  • Rob Back, Des Moines City Councilmember and Business Owner
  • Des Moines Police Officers Guild
  • South King County Professional Firefighters
  • Master Builders Association’s Affordable Housing South King County Realtors
  • Seattle King County Realtors
  • Central Puget Sound Carpenters Local 30
  • Wayne and Susan Corey – Des Moines Residents
  • Norma and Ed Pina – Former Des Moines City Councilmember and School Board President
  • Rikki Marohl – Des Moines Waterfront Farmers Market Manager and Resident
  • Michael D Spear – Highline Public Schools – School Board Director District 5 (Des Moines Area Representative)
  • Bill and Patti Linscott – Des Moines Residents, Des Moines Marina and Yacht Club Spokesman
  • Susan and Steve Goegebuer- Des Moines Residents and Volunteers Extraordinaire
  • BJ and Anna Bjorneby – Des Moines Residents
  • Roger and Linda Stull – Des Moines Business Owner and Residents
  • Fran Woodard- Des Moines Resident
  • Mark Proulx – Des Moines Resident and Community Activist
  • Nancy Kuehnoel – Pool Board and Des Moines Resident
  • Jeff Green – Des Moines Business Owner and Resident
  • LaVonne and Truxton Terkla – Des Moines Business Owner
  • Tony Hettler – Des Moines Businessman
  • Charlene Bacalzo – Des Moines Resident and Business Owner
  • Marie Dhu Lesley – Des Moines Resident
  • Tad Doviak – Des Moines Resident
  • Patricio Mendoza – Des Moines Resident and Business Owner
  • Carri Litowitz – Des Moines Resident and Business Owner
  • JoAnn Elizabeth Rovig – Des Moines Resident and Business Owner
  • Ernie and Henie Campany – Des Moines Residents and Business Owners
  • Steven Hatt -Des Moines Resident
  • Carla and Dave Morrow – Des Moines Residents
  • Vince and Michelle Thyng – Des Moines Residents
  • Tricia and Brent Croom – Des Moines Residents
  • Nadya Curtis – Des Moines Resident
  • Pat and Marianne Nardo – Des Moines Residents
  • Melanie and Todd Herman – Des Moines Residents
  • Jim and Vickie Polhamus – Des Moines Residents
  • Don and Marilyn Stickles – Des Moines Residents
  • Esther Harris – Des Moines Resident
  • James and Marla McCollough – Des Moines Residents
  • Keith and Luella Noess – Des Moines Residents
  • Gwen Koch – Des Moines Resident
  • Roger Baker – Des Moines Resident and Former Des Moines Police Chief
  • Bob Pond – Des Moines Resident
  • Mara Mulligan and Nick Terrana – Des Moines Residents
  • Kim and Kevin Watson – Des Moines Residents
  • Kevin Teker – Des Moines Resident
  • Rick Wise –  Des Moines Resident
  • Jeff and Katie Paulson – Des Moines Residents
  • Jeanette Burrage – Des Moines Resident and Former Des Moines Councilmember