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Quit Claim Deeds

Quit Claim Deeds are written documents used to transfer ownership to real property, such as land, home, condo or any other kind of real estate. The term Quit Claim Deed means that the owner is transferring any interest he or she may have in the property. Do you think you need a Quit Claim Deed? Quit Claim Deeds are most commonly used when property is being transferred without a traditional sale. If you want to transfer property between family members, between married spouses, or add a spouse or take off a spouse for a divorce, a Quit Claim Deed may be the proper way to do so. After the Quit Claim Deed is prepared, it is signed before a notary and recorded with the county where the property is located. Enlisting the help of an experienced attorney in preparing your Quit Claim Deed can help you avoid making mistakes and ensuring the Quit Claim Deed is done correctly. Here at DAL Law Firm, we would sit down with you and discuss if a Quit Claim Deed is needed. We would prepare the Quit Claim Deed in our office for you to sign and we also would handle the recording with the county for you. If you are interested in knowing more about Quit Claim Deeds or want a Quit Claim Deed prepared, contact our office today at (206) 408-8158 or [email protected]. We are conveniently located in Normandy Park and would be happy to assist you. [caption id="attachment_139049" align="aligncenter" width="490"] Darcel Lobo[/caption] Contact us:
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