On Monday, May 27, 2019, Des Moines Police Officers were dispatched to sounds of someone cutting into a locked storage container, located on 274th Street. A neighbor had heard the noise and called 911. Des Moines Officers arrived and located the suspect, who was using a power grinder to cut the lock from a storage trailer on an active construction site. The suspect attempted to run away when he first saw the officers, but he was quickly detained and booked into SCORE. The suspect has been charged with 2 counts of attempted burglary in the 2nd degree. Officers immediately recognized the suspect from seeing his image on a surveillance camera video from an attempted burglary case he took on the previous day, Sunday, May 26. 2019. In that case, the suspect was wearing a reflective vest as he attempted to force open the front door of a house under construction. A surveillance camera was mounted on the wall next to the front door and captured an image of the attempted break in. As soon as the suspect saw the camera, he covered the lens with his hand and then removed it from the wall, taking it with him. Officers located a silver 2011 GMC Sierra, near the location where the suspect was taken into custody. Officers saw a reflective vest in the front seat and in the bed of the truck, a generator that matched the description of a stolen one. Alert neighbors and Des Moines Police Officers once again worked together to combat crime in our community. “Thank you to those who continue to call in suspicious activity in their neighborhoods. It really does help us do our job.”]]>