The City of Des Moines this week announced that it will be investing $675,000 to expand Midway Park as part of its Pacific Ridge Park Expansion:

On Sept. 5, 2019, Des Moines City Council approved its second property acquisition this year in the Pacific Ridge Neighborhood for the purpose of expanding Midway Park.

The City Council had previously approved the purchase of a vacant parcel adjacent to the park in May of 2019. With these two purchases, the City will be adding just short of a half-acre of park property to the Pacific Ridge Neighborhood.

Midway Park is a small neighborhood park with play equipment, a sports court, picnic tables, and walking paths. It is the only open space in the Pacific Ridge Neighborhood, and expanding the Park has long been a priority of the City.

The City successfully applied for and was awarded grant funding from King County Conservation Futures Tax in order to facilitate the purchases.

“The City Council and City Administration have encouraged and supported the Community Garden Pea Patch at Midway Park and will continue that support along with the maintenance of the park in general. This is a great next step for our families in the Pacific Ridge Neighborhood”, says Councilwoman Luisa Bangs.