I am a dedicated family man living in Des Moines with my wife, Yvonne, and two young daughters, Natalie 13yrs old and Lilah 11yrs old.

I work for a local General Contractor as well as own a local Demolition/Construction Business. I have decades worth of construction experience and young children in the public-school system, giving me a unique perspective and expertise on the council. I serve as the:

  • Chair on the Des Moines City Council’s Municipal Facilities Committee
  • Chair on the Des Moines City Council’s Economic Development Committee
  • Council Liaison to the Des Moines Human Services Committee
  • Council Liaison to the Des Moines Senior Services Committee

My family is as dedicated to our community as I am. My wife is the President of the Des Moines Police Foundation and Co-President of the Sylvester Middle School PTSA. My girls devote part of their summer each year to a Lemonade Stand Fundraiser that over the last 4 years has raised over $10,000 for local charities.

I have served the city for the last 6 years on the council. When I was appointed to the position in 2013, we were on the verge of bankruptcy. I labored through some of the city’s toughest financial times and through hard work, dedication and commitment, the city staff, city manager and city council collaborated to create a sustainable budget and brought the city back to financial solvency! Our fiscal efforts have been recognized by Standard and Poor’s (S&P) who gave us a three step increase by raising our Bond Rating to AA+. An increased Bond Rating means we receive lower interest rates on our bonds, in turn saving taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We have added Officers, a K-9 and 2 Substation Locations to our Police Department. One new location in Redondo Square and the other at the MaST Center. This is the first time in 15yrs that we have had a fully staffed Police Force serving our great community! With a fully staffed Police Force we have been able to be proactive as opposed to reactive by increasing Speed Patrols, Deputizing Des Moines Officers as US Marshalls, working closely with the FBI, ATF Violent Crimes Unit and the King County Sheriff Gang Unit.

I am a huge advocate for Economic Growth. During my time on the council we began and completed the Des Moines Creek Business Park. As chair of the Economic Development Committee I participated directly in the Marina Redevelopment efforts which will include a ‘Marina Steps’ connecting the Marina with Downtown. The council has created multiple working relationships with businesses, investors and property owners. These relationships are built on trust, communication and congruency. Investors are drawn to the way our current city council works together as a unified team and we have many prospects on the horizon. I would hate to see us take any steps backwards due to a change in council personnel.

The city has come a long way over the last few years, here are a few other notable successes from my 6 years in office:

  • Increased funding for our Senior & Human Services.
  • Funded necessary programs for Street Paving and Nuisance Properties.
  • Acquired New Properties for Parks & Open Space Recreation.
  • Utilized Jurisdictional Government Partnerships in the Reconstruction of the Redondo Commemorative Betts Boardwalk.
  • Partnered with Local Municipalities and Community Groups to engage the Port of Seattle to address Airport Impacts.
  • Implemented the Pac Ridge Policing Plan and have noted a significant reduction in crime.
  • DevCo, Inc. is currently building 300+ Affordable Housing Units.
  • The Des Moines Beach Park Event Center expanded to include the Founders Lodge, Dining Hall and Picnic Shelter.

Our City is Strong and Thriving!

Please consider donating to my campaign at: https://secure.piryx.com/donate/Zc8pquam/Jeremy-Nutting/

Vote Jeremy Nutting November 5th for Des Moines City Council Position #4.