At Thursday night’s (Oct. 17) meeting, the Des Moines City Council was presented with the 2020 Annual Budget as recommended by the City Manager and Administration.

The council passed it on its first reading, and it will move to a second reading on Nov. 14, 2019.

Here’s more from the city:

“The city budget, as presented, is solvent, strong and sustainable. It was developed to ensure accountability, transparency and excellent delivery of programs and services to the community.

“The City continues to build a sustainable organization that emphasizes best practices in financial management to assure a bright future for our City.

“The recommended budget addresses future attrition and enhances succession planning: maximizes the efficient allocation of resources to accomplish City Council policy and direction. We have listened and sought input from employees and the community.

“Contingency reserves continue to be above national standards. This budget continues the financial strategy of sustainability as the City has rebounded from past financial challenges.”

The 2020 Annual Budget and the Powerpoint presentation can be found on the City’s website: under “News.”