Old Town InsuranceA new business launched in Des Moines in October of 2019 – Old Town Insurance Agency – located on 7th Avenue in the building shared by Dr. Osterhout and Dr. Peyton – began with a simple mission, provide its customers with modern coverage while showcasing classic values.

Old Town Insurance Owner Heather Perate is an insurance industry veteran with over 20 years’ experience working in Insurance. Perate commented that Old Town Insurance Group’s approach is slightly different from where the Insurance industry as a whole is headed.

“Being an independent agent gives me more freedom to focus on our, the customers,” she said. “This is important to me. Having a variety of insurance companies to choose from gives our clients more options. Not only with coverage selections but also with their insurance costs.”

Heather Perate

Heather Perate

Broadly, this commitment to putting the customer first has seemingly been forgotten about in our industry. With corporate insurance carriers and agencies cutting expenses and pushing their existing customers to be serviced by offshore call centers, websites, 800# phone trees, (that you can get lost in quite frankly) and artificial intelligence threatening to remove you from any human interaction, the already significant frustration level for insurance consumers is at or approaching an all-time high.”

Perate adds:

“Shockingly, I’ve also found that many consumers have outdated policies that haven’t evolved with the times or needs. Surprisingly, insurance companies are offering their new customers enhancements, discounts, and features that many of their existing clients don’t have and aren’t aware of.”

The Old Town Insurance Group’s Executive team is complimented by longtime Des Moines, WA Insurance Professional, John Leslie, who offered this in regards to Old Town Insurance Group, “when you call our office you will get a live, breathing, experienced human agent, not an AI voice prompt or chatbot. You won’t have to press 1 to be able to press 4 and then press # to start all over again.”

In addition to the “throw-back” to the Golden Age of customer service, Old Town Insurance Group offers cutting edge insurance strategies, policies that complement the Digital Age of this new millennium.

For a custom quote or more information, please call 206-207-1660, visit them online at www.oldtowninsgroup.com, or stop by in person at 22221 7th Ave S #C Des Moines, WA 98198 (map below) or email [email protected].



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