In response to the ongoing concerns as they pertain to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the City of Des Moines is “taking all necessary steps to ensure it has the most recent and accurate information about the situation daily,” the city announced on Thursday, Feb. 27, 2020.

Here’s more from the city’s website:

City staff participates in conference calls and webinars offered by state, local and federal agencies to keep informed and is in constant contact with the Seattle King County Health Department to ensure we are prepared and taking all necessary precautions.

In addition, the City of Des Moines is in contact with neighboring Cities, South King Fire and other regional partners to ensure we are sharing information about changing conditions and preparedness activities.

Although the current risk to people in King County from the new coronavirus (COVID-19) remains low (with no local cases), it is increasingly likely that it will spread to the US at some point.

    • Prepare now: Public Health recommends that organizations and individuals prepare now in order to reduce the number of illnesses and negative effects that could occur in our community.
    • Travel and illness: People who are traveling should be aware of the impacted countries, and if they become ill after traveling, call a doctor or hospital.
    • Discrimination based on ethnicity or ancestry will make the situation worse. Having Chinese ancestry – or any other ancestry – does not make a person more vulnerable to this illness. Coronavirus doesn’t recognize race, nationality nor ethnicity.
    • Additional updates are available from the federal CDC and Washington Dept. of Health

To read the most current information about the Coronavirus in King County use the link provided below:

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You can also read up-to-date information about the Coronavirus on the Washington State Department of Health by clicking here:

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention offers additional information on their site. To review this information please click the following link

World Health Organization