This week, Des Moines Police Chief Ken Thomas released a statement on proposed new ‘Use of Force’ policies, which have gained a lot more attention due to the recent George Floyd/police killing protests.

Here’s Thomas’ full statement:

Statement on Campaign Zero Police Use of Force Policy Analysis:

I am sure you have all heard some version of proposed police reforms after the tragic and unnecessary death of George Floyd. Some of the proposals, such as defunding the police, may be misguided and unrealistic but others may have merit. As a committee member of the State Association of Chief’s of Police through the International Association of Chief’s of Police and Past President of WASPC I have been involved in several conversations and read policy statements recently on the topic of police reforms from both organizations. You most certainly will hear much more on this topic as the policing profession progresses through this current crisis.

I am extremely proud of our organization. Much that needs to be addressed in law enforcement across our country has to do with the “police culture.” From what I have seen throughout the country and our state I cannot think of a police organization that can compare with the level of care, compassion, professionalism and effectiveness of our department.

Police reform and changes are most certainly coming our way. Federal, state and local legislation is currently being considered and discussed. One recent push from the community is to Demand that police comply with 8 use of force policies. We recently reviewed what was proposed and I am extremely happy to say that our policies were already in alignment with their requests/demands.

Please take a look at the document that Commander Graddon recently produced that includes the eight policy requests and our department policies that are in place to address them.

Once again, thank you for your continued efforts, sacrifice and professionalism in making DMPD a model agency of how to do policing the proper way by catching bad guys and respecting the constitution and our community.

– Chief Thomas

Here’s a link to the Des Moines Police Policy CAMPAIGN ZERO Recommendations: