The City of Des Moines Arts Commission announced this week a new Virtual Concert Series, which will run from Oct. 30-Nov. 20, and feature four Washington State artists or bands who will perform concerts that will be live streamed on the Arts Commission website:

    • Concerts will occur on Friday nights at 6 p.m., from Oct. 30 through Nov. 20.
    • Performers include; Buzz Brump, Winehouse, Elena Maque, and Ethan Tucker.

This program is a pivot from the Arts Commissions annual Summer Concert Series at the Beach Park, and will provide community members musical entertainment to enjoy free and live streamed to their television or device.

To support the local business community, the Commission will be holding a SHARE TO WIN raffle each week. To enter, supporters can share each week’s event Facebook page and be entered in the chance to win $100 gift certificate to a local business. Winners will be announced during the concerts in the chat feature.

Organizers are asking that you share this event with your community to expose the great work of the artists and businesses who are participating in this program and give community members a positive experience to enjoy from the safety of their homes and devices.

You can find us on the following web and social media platforms.

“MANY THANK YOUS to all of the support given to the Des Moines Arts Commission over the years,” said Ashley Young, Events and Facilities Manager. “I have personally been inspired by all the ways I have seen art, culture, and community organizations quickly change the way they support the community and am happy to do my small part as well.”