The Des Moines Arts Commission (DMAC) recently installed a new public Art Mural at the Des Moines Marina.

The DMAC commissioned an artist for the SR3 fence surrounding the perimeter of their property on the Des Moines Marina floor and awarded the work to Allyce Wood, a Washington State native whose background consists of the use of both digital and handmade processes to make installations.

SeaLife Response, Rehabilitation, and Research (SR3) rescues and protects marine wildlife in the Pacific Northwest. From tiny injured seal pups to entangled humpback whales, they deliver expert care to give suffering marine animals a second chance at a wildlife. Using drones to conduct scientific research, SR3 also collects important health data that informs protections for dwindling populations, such as the critically endangered Southern Resident killer whales. SR3’s rescue and rehabilitation hospital – opening in the Des Moines Marina – is a non-profit that relies on donations from caring individuals who wish to invest in the health of their blue backyard.

Allyce Wood is a visual artist who in the past has embraced a wide variety of media, both digital and analog. For this project with SR3, she used Adobe Photoshop to fully realize new, unique digital paintings. Some elements where drawn with a stylist and smart tablet, mimicking the effects of watercolor paint, and other times, Wood created imagery with her mouse and paintbrush tool directly in the program. This method of working allows for layers of color, texture, atmosphere, and detail to come together to add depth and richness, important qualities when working at such a large scale.

The various animals and their environments were drawn based on references shared by SR3 or in the case of the landscape of the San Juan Islands, the artist’s own photography. This allowed Wood to make accurate representations of each species while still maintaining her artistic vision. The color palette was taken directly from nature, heightened with the occasional saturated highlight or bold stroke of color to give flow and interest to the work.

For further information about the Des Moines Arts Commission and the partnership with SR3 please visit. or email [email protected].

For info on the Des Moines Arts Commission: Ashley Young at 206-870-9370 [email protected].