On Thursday, April 15, 2021, the City of Des Moines presented its 2021 “State of the City” address in an online Zoom presentation given by Mayor Matt Pina, City Manager Michael Matthias, Deputy Mayor Matt Mahoney and staff.

In the nearly two-hour PowerPoint presentation, Pina discussed the city’s history, form of government, council goals, challenges including climate change and financial solvency, along with upcoming plans for the future including new developments planned for around the marina.

“The city is in a very strong position,” Matthias said during his segment, “and in the last year unfortunately we’ve had the terrible challenge of COVID-19 impacts, both the short and long term, and finding ways to help our community stay as safe as possible in the pandemic.”

Download the full PDF of the city’s presentation here.

Toward the end of the presentation the history Landmark on the Sound/Masonic Retirement home was discussed by Susan Cezar, who said that the property has been sold but since it’s not an official historic landmark the new owner is permitted to, and will likely demolish the structure. The city’s role at this time is as regulator.

“Our role is to make sure all the applicable regulations and rules are followed,” Cezar said. This includes an Environmental Review which includes cultural resources. City Attorney Tim George confirmed that the city’s role is now as a regulatory agency.

Matthias spoke about the city’s relationship with Sea-Tac Airport, and said that the city suffers “disproportionate impact from the airport.” He added that the city has engaged with the Port, trying to find ways for the airport to minimize operations back to a state it was at in 2012. He said the city will resist any future expansion of the airport, especially when it comes to. environmental issues.

“It’s been a real pleasure to share this information at this time,” Pina said at the conclusion. “Because it’s really important that the community hear and understand what is going on. The important thing is that we do look forward to all community members that are interested to provide their input and be involved in the city. Your city staff and council are proud of what has been accomplished.”

After a brief break, the council returned to discuss what Pina and company had presented, but no one spoke up other than making a motion to adjourn.

Watch an edited (for time) video of the presentation below (running time 1 hour, 50 minutes):