A Des Moines resident reports to The Waterland Blog that he was out walking his dog Friday morning, June 25, 2021, for the purpose of taking a selfie with the mysterious Des Moines Obelisk.

Unfortunately, the unusual monolith is no longer at the Maury Island Mural.

“I was told it might move again but I didn’t believe it,” he said. “Now I am a believer.”

It was also reported that a mysterious dark van that frequently blocked the view of the mural remained.

Some have speculated the van is a platform for unidentified individuals, for unknown reasons, to secretly monitor people who have come to see the mural.

Later, the Obelisk was found in a new location – at the Quarterdeck at the Des Moines Marina:

“OMG!!! We’ve had another visitation. The obelisk is now at the Quarterdeck. Space dust???” said another resident who didn’t want his/her name revealed.

Who knows how long it’ll stay at its new location? If you haven’t seen it yet, you should visit soon and try to decipher its meaning: