The Crime in Washington Report for 2020 was released last week by the Washington Association of Sheriffs & Police Chiefs, and this week the Des Moines Police Department released the following statement on local impacts:

The report compiles data from 233 state, county, municipal and tribal agencies and is published in conjunction with the FBI. A national report will be released later this year.

The report indicated an overall increase in crime of 7.1%, while showing decreases in drug offenses and hate crimes.

The report shows that in 2020, murders were up almost 47% from 2019. There were 302 murders in Washington State in 2020.

    • For Des Moines, the police department investigated 2 homicides vs 1 in the previous year.
    • Des Moines saw significant increases in aggravated assault (42 incidents) and simple assault (232 incidents), rising by 13.5% and nearly 9% respectively.
    • Reported rapes declined by 41%, to 10 reported incidents.
    • Arrests for DUI in the state totaled over 22,000, with 33 people arrested in Des Moines.
    • Drug and narcotic arrests declined statewide by 22%; in Des Moines there was a slight increase to 55 arrests.
    • Fraud offenses increased significantly statewide, jumping by 131%; Des Moines saw a similar increase of 143% increase with 304 incidents reported, primarily unemployment fraud.

The Des Moines Police Department works 24/7 to ensure the safety of our citizens. Crime reports may be filed online at:_ or by calling 911 for emergency situations.