Matt Mahoney
Des Moines City Council Position 7

Hi Des Moines,

It’s been an honor to serve these past few years. I am hoping you support my efforts to serve our community in another term on the Des Moines City Council.

I am a big proponent of moving our downtown forward and I believe that happens thru marina development. This makes us attractive to investors, developers, and businesses as we move forward to our future. I am a strong supporter of our police, and I am proud that our police lead the way in modern day law enforcement. I truly believe in finding ways to improve our quality of life and build a diverse community.

Several years ago, my wife, Beverly and I purchased a home in the North Hill neighborhood that was in desperate need of a remodel, love, and attention. It overlooks downtown Des Moines, WA. Des Moines is an incredible place to live with a fantastic back drop of the Olympic Mountains, Puget Sound and Mt. Rainier.

As we began our remodel, something wonderful happened to us: we fell in love with our home, this city, and our neighborhood. We felt like we found home.

A funny thing about doing a remodel is that you find that your neighbors are very interested in your progress. They’d randomly stop by while walking their dog or just to see what’s going on. We talked about the gorgeous view, the city, downtown, Redondo, the Marina and our visions and concerns about our community. It was our pleasure to get to know so many wonderful people.

That’s when I became compelled to be involved with this gem by the Sound, to contribute in any way possible, and make a positive change for our new friends and neighbors. It’s important to me to be a part of the solution and align with others to realize the vision of this beautiful place we call home.

I found the Council meetings to be fascinating. I discovered our City Council to be a group of individuals who are deeply committed to the citizens of Des Moines. They instilled a sense of pride and confidence in me for what they are doing for our city. I was encouraged to see a government pass a sustainable budget. I can attest they are a sharp team of individuals who demonstrate a positive synergy on how to move the city into the future. Commonly, we share the same vision for the future of Des Moines.

Since winning my election in 2017, I have been very active and engaged in my role as one of your councilmembers and now as your Deputy Mayor. Since my election to office, I have never missed a council meeting nor committee meeting and I frequently attend many more meetings regionally or specific to an interest our residents might have.

I believe that my previous experiences as a US Army veteran, Fire Commissioner for Pierce County Fire District #26, Crystal Mountain Ski Resort specializing in development in an environmentally sensitive area, and manager of multi-million-dollar businesses and employees at an international company (Nordstrom) qualifies me for this position. My 35 years of experience allows me to have a deep understanding of budgeting, management, and execution at the municipal level.

To those who know me, you know my ability to make a positive difference. That I am dependable, dedicated and work smart and hard toward goals. To my neighbors in Des Moines, I have not only listened to you, but heard you and have boldly advocated your concerns with other city leaders. I am well acquainted with budgeting, business execution, and other fiscally responsible habits. But I pride myself in having common sense and the ability to find middle ground quickly and effectively. I bring high energy and a positive attitude to the table.

My wife and I absolutely love this community and is why we give so much time to bring our diverse population together to build a better Des Moines.

Matt Mahoney

Strong points/reasons to re-elect:

    • Ability to connect with everyone no matter what age, gender, ethnicity.
    • A love of Des Moines, being a community member with a vast array of different experiences allowing him to walk in other people’s shoes.
    • Ability to understand and listen to all problems and concerns, big or small.
    • A wealth of business and life experience that covers people, finances, forward progress, environment.
    • A strategic decision maker who serves the whole community.
    • Great listening skills.
    • Ability to see the problem and find solutions.
    • A desire to be accessible.
    • Always on the lookout to make our community better.
    • Strong supporter of our police

Some of Matt’s desired outcomes are:

    • Giving access to the water to everyone.
      • Shoring up the seawall; upgrading fishing pier and finding parking solutions.
      • Ensuring that Marina development works for everyone.
      • Adding a passenger ferry to Seattle and Tacoma to bring people in on weekends to enjoy the area and add to local business revenue.
    • Improving transportation and infrastructure.
      • With light rail in and continuing to be built, there’s greater access to the area and demand for affordable housing with retail below. Desire to create more quality affordable housing.
      • Continue to pave roads
    • Creating a more dynamic and sustainable downtown.
      • Look for similar projects to the new theatre.
      • Look for feasible ways to add a grocery downtown.
      • Encourage investment and development
    • Public Safety
      • Ensure we have adequate police protection to continue doing our best to reduce crime in our community.
      • Ensure we continue to have our own police force (not contracted) that brings modern-day law enforcement to Des Moines.
    • Make the city sustainable.
      • We’ve worked hard to get to a strong fiscal place. It would be detrimental to go backwards.
      • Exercise prudent fiscal practices
      • Add business

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