On Tuesday night, Oct. 12, 2o21, all candidates running for Des Moines City Council in 2021, along with one Highline School Board candidate, participated in a Candidate Forum at the North Hill Community Club.

Participants included (in order of appearance, randomly determined by the club):

    • Traci Buxton, Position No. 5
    • Harry Steinmetz, Position No. 1
    • Matt Mahoney, Position No. 7
    • Priscilla Vargas, Position No. 3
    • Soleil Lewis, Position No. 7
    • Gene Achziger, Position No. 3
    • Tad Doviak, Position No. 5
    • Jennifer Fichamba, Highline School Board Position No. 2

Watch the full video below (running time 1-hour, 17-minutes):