Frank S. Land Masons recently went “back to school” to help 1st grade students at Midway Elementary in Des Moines.

Here’s more from the Masons:

Everyone values stability. Though kids may not say so, knowing they can depend on a backpack full of organized papers, pens, pencils, and art supplies is comforting for them. Arriving equipped for the school day also helps them feel confident in their ability to function in the classroom. Rather than depending on others for a pencil, they can, with the right supplies, achieve added independence. School teachers have been at the forefront of ensuring that school essentials such as folders and pencils are available so that students can more easily turn their focus to learning.

“As teachers, we invest and pour into our students daily. It is an amazing feeling to have community organizations support students in their community and help supply their classroom with needed materials. It is a huge help for teachers, that we are very grateful for”, says 1st grade teacher Mayumi Richardson

At a recent meeting Frank S Land Lodge Masonic Lodge No. 313 approved a $1000 grant to Midway Elementary School to help defray the out-of-pocket costs that 1st grade teachers often incur in helping their students whose financial situations limit them from obtaining the necessary school supplies for success.

To quote Lodge President Steve Dinkins: “Not every family has the financial stability to supply their kids with the school supplies they need to succeed. We ask so much of our teachers, but we shouldn’t have to ask them to dip into their own personal funds to fill the void. It is our hope that this donation will be the start of a partnership that will help get kids at Midway on a positive path of learning.”

Investing in youth and education is also part of the mission of Washington Masonic Charities, the charitable arm of the Grand Lodge of Washington, the governing body of Masonic Lodges in Washington state. “It is always a pleasure to partner with lodges to help children in our communities”, says Kirsten Putnam, Program Director of Youth & Scholarships. “When the lodge reached out to request a grant for matching funds, we were happy to get on board.”

“The last two years”, informs Midway Principal Dr. Debbie Ellis, “have been filled with so many challenges for teachers, students and families. Knowing the community supports our teachers and students, provides one less challenge and allows our teachers to focus on helping the brilliance of our students shine by providing engaging learning experiences without worrying about how they will be able to get the necessary materials. We are so grateful to be surrounded by such generous community members.”

Midway Elementary has four 1st grade classes with a total of 110 students. The combined donation of $2000 and the school supplies that it will buy will positively impact the experiences of these students who are just beginning their educational journey.

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