South King Fire & Rescue and Des Moines Police crews resorted to using creative solutions after being dispatched on Sunday, Nov. 13, 2022 for a CPR at a Des Moines residence that is impossible to access via emergency vehicles.

It all happened on the waterfront near Des Moines Beach Park, when crews decided the best method was to load a male patient into a small boat from the remote home. Two Medics were out in the water, and they eventually loaded the victim into an SUV that drove through the shallow water and gained access to the waiting Medic One Unit.

All the while, a small group watched the creative rescue unfold.

According to bystanders, a police officer got in and drove a car along the beach in the saltwater since the tide was NOT low.

“We could barely see what was happening, but we could make out that someone was getting in a little dingy, then they were switched to the back of the car, which then drove through the water, tailgate open, with the patient inside,” witness Linda Pomeroy told us. “He was then put on a gurney and loaded into the ambulance.”

“As first responders we are problem solvers, and this was the fastest way possible to get the patient the care he desperately needed,” Captain Brad Chaney told The Waterland Blog.

“Things quickly returned to normal, and all eyes turned towards the setting sun,” Pomeroy added.

UPDATE NOV. 15, 2022: A friend of the family told us that the victim is currently in the ICU and in a coma after experiencing cardiac arrest.

Everyone at South King Media sends their best wishes to the victim, family and friends for a speedy, complete recovery.