For over four decades, Rob “Capt.” Morgan has been a staple of Seattle’s music and arts scene, and now his art will be showcased at the Marina Mercantile in Des Moines.

Though his name may not ring familiar alongside the pantheon of rain-drizzled, gruff-voiced, grunge rockers of the 90s that have (for better or worse) become synonymous with the Seattle music scene, Morgan’s work and legacy has been a major influence in the Seattle-scene as we know it, and he paved the way for many of the artists more commonly associated with the city.

From powerpop group The Pudz to his underground zine Pop Lust and his most (in)famous act, the Squirrels, Rob Morgan is a cherished piece of Pacific-Northwest history. 

Over the last ten years, Rob has begun a new artistic foray, transitioning his focus from music to visual art. His latest work is a series of zany acrylic paintings self described as “fine-art cartoons” and “Squirrels music for your eyeballs.” These pieces take classic album covers from the 70s, 80s, and beyond, and cross-pollinates them with comic strips and animated films. The results are simultaneously hilarious and technically impressive, filled with pop-culture references from 80s New Wave bands to Disney films, and sprinkled with Squirrels in-jokes.

Reception is Wednesday, Mar. 1

On Wednesday, Mar. 1, 2023, from 5:30 – 8 p.m., a reception will be held at Marina Mercantile in Des Moines for Morgan’s most recent series of paintings. They will remain up for the duration of that month. Nowhere else will you find such a one-of-a-kind mind on display.

Go see for yourself; as Rob says:

“Your brains are gonna melt outta your head!”

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Marina Mercantile is located at 22341 Marine View Drive S.: