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I have noticed some negative comments about Mr. JC Harris. I am speaking in favor of him as the most qualified Candidate for the position on Des Moines City Council.

I know him and have closely watched him as a candidate and community member. He has spoken about the important issues in city Government, for him. He states Lack of Revenue, Lack of Transparency, and Lack of Vision. He has clearly tried to address each in his time on the council.

Only JC Harris puts out a REGULAR email for Des Moine Residents. He IS TRANSPARENT, sometimes painfully so. He is honest and consistent in his coverage and communication to this community. He may give more information than requested, but when asked you can count on a reply. He will listen.

JC does not work for a wage. He is retired and therefore devotes MANY hours attending meetings, speaking up for Des Moines. He is aware of where, when and what is happening here. He shares that information. He listens. He shows up. He responds. He correctly asks questions at Council meetings, and yes he sometimes votes No, asking for more information hopefully for a later better informed decision. He is working for us, the citizens, the electorate.

He is not “One of the Old Boys network.” I saw him offer all sorts of assistance to seniors, including me, during the Pandemic. He is a man of faith, a regular at St. Phil’s Church, a musician, a giving person to ailing family and friends.

I am a long time resident of Des Moines, 65yrs, now living at Wesley Homes. I deeply appreciate JC Harris and trust him to work on my behalf for a better Safer community. He is advocating for at least 12 more Police in this growing community. I think there have been half truths and just plain falsehoods written about him.

I say if you want an open honest government, vote for JC

Kaylene Moon

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