City of Des Moines holding meeting to consider chamber of commerce Nov. 5

The City of Des Moines will be sponsoring a meeting to “discuss the need for establishing a local business association or chamber of commerce” on Tuesday, Nov. 5 at 11 a.m.

The meeting will be held at the Des Moines Police Building, located at 21900 11th Ave. South.

“Even as we see positive things happening in Des Moines on the economic horizon, we see significant challenges ahead for our existing local businesses,” said Mayor Dave Kaplan in a letter sent out to local business owners on Oct. 7.

“At the meeting I will lay out the need for this, we will hear some important thoughts from the Executive Director of the Kent Chamber of Commerce (Andrea Keikkala), and then we’ll open it up to a discussion regarding next steps,” Kaplan continued.

Interested parties are asked to RSVP to Autumn Lingle in the City Manager’s office at (206) 870-6552.

If you have questions, you can also contact Mayor Kaplan at (206) 419-8677.


16 Responses to “City of Des Moines holding meeting to consider chamber of commerce Nov. 5”
  1. Dan Kennedy says:

    Well la-dee-da. Lookee there.

    They are finally figuring out that the city REALLY needs business to keep it afloat. This, after ex-mayor Bob Sheckler killed our Chamber of Commerce a few years ago in a selfish, spiteful spasm. Brilliant move Bob. Thanks for the arrogant and completely unwise contribution to the community. Des Moines is visibly damaged because of that contribution.

    I wonder if the City Council will also figure out, that the other half of the equation is getting the crime under control in Des Moines so that business isn’t scared to move here to begin with?

    • DJ says:

      And while we are at it…Thank you Bob for global warming, the JFK assassination, 911, One World Order, Hurricane Katrina and alien invasion (the OUTER space kind.) We need to give credit where credit is due. Don’t you think? I mean really, DON’T YOU THINK?

      • Bob Sheckler says:

        Ya got me DJ. But lets not forget how I am now planning the destruction of the world.
        By the way, did you like the way I grounded the Cruise ship Concordia.? I did that because I was bored that day.

    • Wanker says:

      Don’t forget him reading quotes out of 776 useless facts. That’s his recent contribution to our town.

  2. WhoisDanKennedy? says:

    Mr. Kennedy,

    I’m confused. Either you’re hiding behind a fake screen name, or you don’t even live in Des Moines. In either case your constant complaints about the elected officials and the city hold no credibility.

    You should probably direct your questions to Kent City Hall.

    • WhoisDanKennedy? says:

      Interesting, Mr. Kennedy. For a split second there you threw an address up and a taunt to “Come Get You”. (It was then quickly deleted.) However, 25126 16th Avenue South does NOT exist in Des Moines. And still I do not see a Dan or Daniel Kennedy registered to vote in Des Moines. Might explain why if you don’t live in Des Moines or vote in Des Moines you can so easily pass judgment.

  3. Pat Nardo says:

    As a former director on the Des Moines Chamber of Commerce until it was “killed” without recourse, it is gratifying to see our Mayor Dave Kaplan considering bringing it back to life. The last little city we lived in in New England was Belfast Maine, with a tiny population, but it had a Chamber of Commerce and it helped the town flourish. Now, many of our friends are no longer with us but surely some of us would love to bring back this proud organization. The killing was a spiteful issue and when I, personally, asked a council person to help keep the Chamber viable, the response to me was a very cold, “Let it die, Pat!” Let us now thank Mayor Kaplan for whatever support he may bring to the Chamber of Commerce table. Pat Nardo, Chamber of Commerce Volunteer of the year, 1999, along with the late James Stewart, my long time buddy.

  4. Pat Nardo says:

    Mr. Kennedy has a good grasp on what is and has happened within the confines of our Des Moines. It is almost surprising to read someone else writing about issues and transactions that we experienced over many years. With our new mayor at the helm, Dave Kaplan, there is also a new compass rose to navigate our troubled waters. As for Dan Kennedy, he is not a “Chronic Bellyacher”; not by a long shot. For us, he is a liberty bell of what was once called conscience. We need to exterminate ego centricity and self promotion and our council is now on the right track. No more complaints but rather accolades for accomplishments, beginning with this move toward a new Des Moines with a Chamber of Commerce. Does anyone remember “Business of the Month” Articles? Thank you Mr. Kennedy! Thank you, Dave Kaplan!

  5. Bob Sheckler says:

    I killed the Chamber of Commerce a few years ago? We haven’t had a Chamber for over 10 years. I think you are confusing me with the bigot Mike Foote. If you want to bring this subject back, I’ll be more than happy to accommodate you.

    I also have some questions for Mr. Kennedy.

    1. Are you being paid for your comments during this election?
    2. If not, are they being offered as an in-kind contribution?
    3..Are you a registered voter in the city of Des Moines?
    4. Is your name really Dan Kennedy?

    • Wanker says:

      Wow, great city council member, calling others names.

      By the way, my name is not legally wanker (surprising I know), I do live in Des Moines, in the Marina district, and do vote.

      • Melissa Musser says:

        I do often wonder how the content of what some community members post here would change if we were all forced to use our real names. My name is really Melissa Musser. I really live in Des Moines and I really am registered to vote here. **smile**

      • Bob Sheckler says:

        The questions were asked of Dan Kennedy, not you. Still waiting for a reply.

        • Wanker says:

          When you post anything in a public forum, it’s open for any one to comment on. I for one am appalled at your behavior, name calling and childishness. I disagree with a lot of Kaplan’s comments, but at least he shows civility.

          Melissa- my name is Robert Allen. I am simply a local resident, you know, the people who vote you into and out of office.

  6. Pat Nardo says:

    As my memory relives the Chamber demise, mike Foote would have been the last one to wish the chamber eliminated. Mike Foote tried hard to tread water as we sank. He, along with the James family, put on the very best parades, fashion shows , business expos and produce a neat little news letter, “Ship’s Log” every month. This latter had its beginning with our good friend, Mke Waters. We need to just start over with a better relationship with the present council,especially Mayor Kaplan.

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