Des Moines City Council to hold special meeting on Recovery Center Wednesday

The Des Moines City Council gave notice Monday that it will be holding a special meeting regarding the Woodmont Recovery Center this Wednesday, Sept. 16, from 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. in the Des Moines Field House Gymnasium at 100 S. 220th Street.

“The purpose of the special meeting will be to hold a Woodmont Recovery Center question and answer session with the City Council,” an announcement says.

Here’s the full announcement:


Notice is hereby given that the Des Moines City Council will hold a special meeting Wednesday, September 16, 2015 p.m., from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in the Des Moines Field House Gymnasium, 100 S. 220th Street, Des Moines, WA. The purpose of the special meeting will be to hold a Woodmont Recovery Center question and answer session with the City Council.

The Council meeting for the Woodmont Recovery Center Q & A Session is re-instated for Wednesday, September 16, 6:30pm-8:30pm at the Des Moines Field House, 100 S. 220th , Des Moines, WA.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

City of Des Moines


9 Responses to “Des Moines City Council to hold special meeting on Recovery Center Wednesday”
  1. John Castronover says:

    Council members told us they were BLINDSIDED by the scope of this facility, I am sure everyone of them were all pretty pissed at that? Let’s all hope they have been demanding answers as to why they were allowed to be kept in the DARK on this.

    • RedondoRick says:

      John, All that the mayor kept saying to us was,” IT NEVER CAME TO COUNCIl”. He’s right, it never did. But he lied when he said he just learned of this rehab facility back in March. Public records show he knew back on November 6th 2014 at the earliest. After a year being kept in the dark, now they say their all on board with US. Will find out Wednesday night…Rr

  2. Todd says:

    ALL YOU on both sides of this issue are being pacified and lied to. You are being treated like children.
    You think that the city of Des Moines, The Mayor, council and Tony Piasecki have the power to do something. They can do nothing. This is a STATE funded and run projected championed by your State Senator Karen Keiser and State Representative Tina Orwall. These two elected officials are the ones that have brought this to city of Des Moines. They both live within Des Moines and with the City nearly bankrupt by Tony Piasecki they both see this as a positive thing for the city; such as 250 jobs.
    Complain all you want to City officials, they are taking the heat for Keiser and Orwall and Tony Piasecki mistakes. In the end it will be built. We elected Keiser and Orwall and if you are a parent with child that has addiction problem you should praise Keiser and Orwall in bringing this clinic close to home so that your addicted love one does not have travel to get treatment. This is good thing.

    On the other hand if you are a concerned parent with normal children in neighborhood and wish for this clinic to be built somewhere else, good luck, State Senator Karen Keiser allocated $5 million dollars of Washington State tax payer dollars to help with capital costs of this project. Keiser is not about to have it relocated anywhere else. (250 jobs make it so)
    Check out Keiser and Orwall news feeds from their own websites below they are taking credit and defending the project while Des Moines citizens think the Des Moines Mayor and council can do something about it. Simply put this is smoke and mirrors; citizens are blaming and complaining to wrong elected officials. Why is city of Des Moines Mayor, City Manager and council holding special meetings and willing to have the citizens’ vent on them? Simple they need the money and the city is broke and the Des Moines officials are not about to point fingers at the STATE coffers that Keiser and Orwall have influence over.
    The FIX is in and your elected officials know what is best for the city. Get a hold yourself concerned citizen the city nearly broke the easier decision is to build Woodmount Center rather than face layoffs and cut backs. The BIG BOYS; I mean BIG GILRLS, MS. Keiser and MS. Orwall control the purse.
    This is what happens when you let an unelected bureaucrat Tony Piasecki run and control your city.
    Tony Piasecki was appointed city manager of Des Moines in May of 2002, after serving as the city’s assistant city manager since 1996. MY GOD! Tony has had over 13 years to run city into the ground and Keiser and Orwall had to bail him out. The better question concerned citizens when is it, that you have had enough of Tony Piasecki running our town. Tell your council member Tony has got to go!!!
    Sen. Karen Keiser [email protected]
    Rep. Tina Orwall [email protected]

  3. RedondoRick says:

    Todd, very well written post. How ever I do agree and disagree with you. The 250 jobs you and Karen say that will come with this facility. I wonder how many of those jobs are already filled in other Valley Cities holdings? How many new jobs will there be? Being a non-profit organization, in the long run does not benefit financially for the city. Quite the contrary. It will bring added cost to the city and tax payers in policing. We have to remember, Valley Cities has never taken on this big of a project. And to have 24/7 lock-up seems like this is part of the jail system. Who pays the cost for transporting these clients to and from the jails? Something of this magnitude SHOULD NOT be placed in the middle of a neighborhood, bordering a Library and a block from a K-8 School. I do agree with you that the City Manager has to go. We can’t take anymore poor choices in running the city. The city council needs to put aside feelings and friendship’s with Toni and let him go! Enough is enough and 13 years is more than enough…Rr

  4. Des Moines Homeowner says:

    So in other words, nothing good will come from this unless you or a family member is a drug addict. Isn’t that special? This is a non profit so there won’t be any tax base revenue for the city. We were sold out by Kaiser and Orwall, the our elected leaders who are supposed to represent us and protect us. The writing is on the wall. It’s time to move to protect your family from the elements of the criminal activity this will bring to Des Moines.

    • RedondoRick says:

      Des Moines Homeowner: Your post was written before the news that Tina Orwall is now working with Carol Gregory, to find a different location. Also, Linda Kochmar 30 Dist. Federal Way is backing us…Rr

      • Cedar Creek says:

        They are politicians. They are saving face while trying to pretend that THEY can do something about it. yes, in the end, something might happen. But, its not because of those low level politicians. The justice department and supreme court is requiring (for good reason) that the state add more facilities like this. They have the federal funding secured. They’ve already spent some of that funding on permitting. Valley Cities is not new to this game.

        I am not saying nothing can be done. but don’t be easily swayed by a politician just trying to get re-elected.

  5. AB in DM says:

    Make sure you vote the bums out before you go though…

  6. Joe Des Moines says:

    We have received notice that they are having a neighborhood input on the DESIGN plan of this facility….I was going to joke that I would like it to be about the size of an old PhotoMat, but even that is too much. I remember moving in about 10 years ago and we had prostitutes walking PacHway and into our neighborhoods, with the good work from the police they cleaned that up. This rough neighborhood started to have a silver lining. I remember discussions with other neighbors about how cool it would be to have a nautical theme for our small city, I liked that idea. Now I am thinking about a city mascot of Needle Ned. I know that some of you are rolling your eyes, but seriously we have to be consistent here. Lets either clean our city up or designate it as King County’s dumping ground. I am not just angry about this, but I will dedicate all my free time from here on out that this place isn’t opened. I might have to don the Needle Ned costume and hand out informational flyers about the project and DESIGN features. I lived in Renton near the other methodone clinic and yeah, sorry, I don’t want that in this neighborhood, been there and seen that. Not good for this community that wants to be come more than the wasteland of the county.

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