Dear Editor, For many years now Des Moines has been “My Cape Cod” and every day it seemed farther away until just recently. Our city council has finally seen the resemblance and need for something to ignite a tourist attraction in the form of a “Cape Cod on the Sound” theme. I am all for this concept having shed (S-H-E-D) my last diaper on the cape in Sagamore and finishing the first grade in Onset School. It is with great pleasure that I send my congratulations to all on the council who voted in favor of this proposition but particularly to the new leadership which we are enjoying in Dave Kaplan, our new mayor. He was quick to identify a long awaited action and brought this issue to conclusion with favorable results. Dennis Lathrop has finally seen the potential of tourism at a sister city to a Cape Cod entity, identifier. This insight may propel our city into greatness unexpected. Thank you Mr. Lathrop! Not for the talk, but for your action and dedication. Dave Kaplan has seen and is acting on the need for new direction, dynamic, leadership and change of application of our building codes. His words, “Having guidelines makes sense this discussion has been in committee for the last couple of years” summarizes the new leadership style we have sought. Tony Piasecki has also backed up the softening up of our building codes with the notice of words like “you should” in lieu of “required”. Under his management there will be no diminishing of public safety or common sense. Matt Pina was really on top of this scenario and, as a New Englander myself noted that Cape Cod is anywhere along the New England Coastline. He missed Buzzards Bay, Wareham, Sandwich and; up in Maine, Belfast Harbor. It was interesting to read Bob Sheckler’s comment, and he spoke from my heart with, “Cape Cod is a relative term and most people identify with it as a welcoming style”, because it was this resemblance to where I grew up that instigated our relocation to Des Moines. Finally, I did enjoy Mellissa Musser who said it all and in few words, “We’re not going to be another Leavenworth; it is a concept identifier, not instructions”. She is so right here! Cape Cod cannot be duplicated any more than Bavaria can be here in the USA but it can be what attracts interest from people “away”*. Now, I would invite you all to go to Wally’s on Marine View Drive in Des Moines and “feel” Cape Cod. Then, say something nice to and about our council for a change. Also ask, “What can we do to help?” *”Away” in New England refers to anyplace away from those six states. – Pat Nardo [Have something you’d like to share with our Readers? Please send us your Letter to the Editor via email. Include your full name, and, pending our review, we’ll most likely publish it.]]]>