It was one year ago today (Feb. 15, 2012) that we launched a bold new experiment in local media – SoKing Internet Radio (SKiR) – the first ‘Hyperlocal Internet Radio Station’ tied to a local blog network in the entire country*! Launched with a live broadcast to a packed house at Burien’s Tin Theater, SKiR is online and available anywhere in the world, 24/7 (tune in here), playing all-local music along with great original programming like Pat Cashman and Lisa Foster’s Peculiar Podcast (Noon weekdays), The DUI Joe Show (Thursdays every four hours) and Artist Spotlight with Norm Bowler (sporadically throughout the week). And we’re looking to expand our lineup – with new local music, original shows (submit music or original show ideas here) and much more.

TuneInWant to listen to SoKing Internet Radio on-the-go? Search for “SoKing” on TuneIn and listen to us on your mobile device!Apps are available for iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and others!

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You can also find us in the Radio section of iTunes and AppleTV! Just go to the Alternative Rock category and scroll down to SoKing Internet Radio!
  • We released our first original CD – The Bubbleator Sessions Vol. 1: Trip Like Animals – recorded live in the historic Bubbleator from the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair!
  • Our average listener tunes in for a whopping 69.1 minutes!
  • Listeners total sessions (365-days): 1,557 session(s)
  • Unique listeners: 1,270 listener(s)
  • Unique countries: 65 countries (!) – for some reason, we’re big in Finland:
  1. United States: 420 (27.0%) US
  2. Unknown / Local: 229 (14.7%)
  3. Finland: 167 (10.7%) FI
  4. Germany: 102 (6.6%) DE
  5. Canada: 81 (5.2%) CA
  6. Italy: 58 (3.7%) IT
  7. United Kingdom: 56 (3.6%) GB
  8. Mexico: 55 (3.5%) MX
  9. Brazil: 36 (2.3%) BR
  10. Other: 353 (22.7%)
  • Live, updated information showing which song and artist is playing.
  • Listeners can vote and rate each song to push it up our Charts (continually-updated Top 20 Chart is here:
  • Listen through your web browser or mobile device through numerous options; here are some other ways to listen:
    • Tunein App for iPhone.
    • Winamp App for Android.
    • You can also find us in the Radio section of iTunes and AppleTV! Just go to the Alternative Rock category and scroll down to SoKing Internet Radio!
  • Links to purchase music on
  • A ‘Tracks Played‘ page that shows how many times we’ve played each track.
  • In 2013, we’re looking to launch at least one more original show.
  • We also hope to soon be producing regular, all-local newscasts as well!
To listen to SKiR, just click below, then choose how you want to tune in:

Some of the music we play includes:
  • Trip Like Animals, a psychedelic/grunge band featuring Michael Molner, former bartender from The Tin Room (TLA also played in our first CD release – The Bubbleator Sessions)
  • Treehouse Dreamers, which includes King County Prosecutor and local boy Dan Satterberg on bass (NOTE: Dan will next appear this Saturday night at Bison Creek for our fundraiser for Burien fire victims!)
  • The Pink Torpedoes, which includes local Yellow VAN Handyman Roger Gee
  • Lark vs Owl, an amazingly talented Seattle band
  • Noah Gundersen, another great local songwriter
  • Manooghi Hi, an amazing Seattle band that collides Indian music with Grunge
  • Jordan Biggs, a native Burien local singer/songwriter (playing live at our Launch Party)
  • Castbound, a group of 15-year old guys from Normandy Park and West Seattle who just broke up (let’s get ’em back together!)
  • Carly Henley, a very talented, beautiful young local woman who passed away in 2010
  • DUI Joe, a Burien-based DUI Attorney that we bet you didn’t know could sing. Or talk – he’ll also be doing a talk show for us shortly!
  • BenniB, a B-Town boy turned rapper
  • Boomerang Summer, headed by Trevor Ras, a Highline High grad
  • KT & Hoops, a local folk duo
  • Ryan Burns, a prolific local jazz musician
  • Kyle R. Andrews, a pop acoustic local singer
  • Morris Can Fly, a power-pop local trio from Seattle
  • The Thoughts, a thoughtful small band from Seattle
  • Two Buck Chuck, a kitschy cover band with two brothers (has played at Mick Kelly’s)
  • Dirty Malkovich, aka Luke Krom, formerly of Burien’s Skwish
  • Fleet Foxes, a Seattle band that was nominated for a Grammy
  • Perhaps the most successful South King County Band ever – Alice In Chains (original, late bassist Mike Starr went to Highline High and drummer Sean Kinney lives in Burien)
  • Sly Mr. Y, a pop-influenced power singer
  • Pacific Nomadic, a Seattle-based indie band “with its heart on its sleeve”
  • Beau Robinson, another local songwriter/singer
  • Classic northwest 80s music from The Heat(er)s, The Cowboys (R.I.P. Ian Fisher), The Eagertones and even one of Scott’s personal faves – the late great Billy Rancher and the Unreal Gods (now out of print)!
  • More music added constantly! (have a suggestion or some MP3s? Email [email protected])
WE’RE FULLY LICENSED & PAYING ROYALTIES We’d also like to point out that SKiR is 100% fully legal and licensed, which means we’re paying out royalties to all ASCAP/BMI/SESAC/Soundexchange affiliates. PLEASE LIKE US! Don’t forget to “Like” us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter too! SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL RADIO To hop on board the SoKing Internet Radio revolution with our innovative, “live read” Advertising solutions, email [email protected] and we’ll send you our rate card. SHARE YOUR MUSIC If you’re a local band, musician, songwriter or artist who has some music you think we should be playing, email your MP3s or links to [email protected], along with artwork, links and a brief bio.
*We confirmed that SKiR is indeed the first ‘Hyperlocal Internet Radio Station’ tied to a local blog at the national “Block by Block” Journalism conference in Chicago in Sept. 2012.