EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a Letter to the Editor, written by a Reader:]

Let’s save Corky Cellars! Ric and Dianne have made the decision to retire. Corky Cellars has been a wonderful small business in Des Moines since 1999. I would like to gather as many Des Moines residents and patrons of Corky Cellars to form an LLC which will make an offer to purchase the business from them. My wife and I have been patrons of Corky Cellars for five years. We would be disappointed if they have to close. I have no intention of getting in a bidding war with any other parties. If they get a great offer from someone else, I would encourage them to accept it. The first step would be a formal committee meeting to discuss forming the LLC with interested parties. Obviously, there are many topics to discuss, with the most important being capitalization of the LLC. Please respond to to me on this post if you wish to discuss this further. We do not have much time. I may pursue other avenues to save this small business. – Sam Sellars
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