EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a Letter to the Editor, written by a Reader. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Waterland Blog nor its staff:]

Dear Editor: Every so often our council does something that is truly good for the community; especially when it has to do with business perpetuation. For many years now, we have had a maritime community spirit but not much maritime activity that could be shared by the average “man on the street”. That is, until now! Our Mayor and Mayor pro tem have invited a small business to venture into Des Moines at Redondo for starters; it is a Kayak and Paddle boat rental from Gig Harbor, just across from us, where they do a thriving business. The operator has set up his sea craft for rental and they are trying to establish an expansion here in Des Moines. Whether it is successful or not depends on you, and I, and anyone who lives in Des Moines who would like to see more tourists attracted to bring revenue into our sagging city coffers. There can be, even, races that bring crowds to watch and spend a dollar or two here if we concentrate on advertising to any interested “seafarers” who love the tiny craft and the joy of paddling about on our smooth, inviting waters. Even if you, dear reader, are not interested or able to participate, you/we can let some who may be, informed of this new attraction and remember to thank our Council leaders for their imagination and foresight. Happy Paddling! – Pat Nardo
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