Acme-Bowl-2 We welcome ACME Bowl, our newest Advertiser. ACME, located in Tukwila just east of the mall, is closer to Des Moines than you might think. We checked it out. You can get to ACME from downtown Des Moines in less time than it takes to put on your bowling shoes and bowl your first frame. The food. Have you eaten there lately? Well, check it out. A perfected menu awaits you at their restaurant, The Break Room. Gourmet burgers and sandwiches, salads and much more personally crafted by chefs who very much care about what they’re serving you. The-Break-Room-Shoot-017 The Break Room is a great place to take a date, treat Mom and Dad, meet old friends or co-workers. Planning a meeting or company event? Put ACME Bowl on the top of your list. ACME staffers are first rate professionals. They’ll help you impress your boss, the staff, your new clients. ACME is locally owned and operated by people who like bowling, enjoy running a good business and truly care about the Pacific Northwest.EntireVenue Plenty of parking and they’re close to the freeways.

ACME Bowling • Billiards • Events 100 Andover Park West Tukwila (206) 340-2263