SterlingParis1 We’ve been serving as Mentors to students at Big Picture High School since 2009, and this year we’re proud to have Sterling Paris as our newest – and fourth – Intern. Sterling – who turns 16 today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) – is a resident of Des Moines, and as a gift to her we’re posting an Ad for her face painting business. Here’s her “Blogvertorial” story with more info: Sterling+Ad

As a very generous birthday gift, my Mentor Scott gave me an Ad for my business:
Some of you may know me as South King Media’s new Intern, and some of you may recognize me from other places. Every year from June to October, I spend my Saturdays at the Des Moines Farmers Market as their exclusive face painter. I’ve been doing this for the past 6 years. Right now though, I’m off season. I’ve done birthday parties for all ages. Painting faces and painting on a canvas is really different and I like painting on faces because you can see your art work come to life. I am very local and the kids know me. So who knows, maybe your kid already knows me.
So please email me to figure out a price, and be sure to “Like” my Facebook page:

Thank You, Sterling Paris [email protected]
[caption id="attachment_83049" align="aligncenter" width="490"]SterlingsEyeAnim Look deep into Sterling’s animated eye…[/caption]]]>