From Advertiser Anthony Martinelli for City Council:

Martinelli for City Council Policy Positions

Recently longtime Des Moines resident Anthony Martinelli announced his candidacy for Des Moines City Council, Position 06. Below are just a few of the things Anthony Martinelli will work towards if elected to the city council:

  • Increase police funding
“Crime in Des Moines has unfortunately been on the rise in recent years. We need to increase funding for our police, allowing them to quickly hire new officers. We have an incredible police force, we just need to give them the funding they need to do the job as effectively as possible.”
  • Increase focus on homelessness and growing poverty rates
“If elected to the city council I would work relentlessly to address homelessness and growing poverty rates. I would do this through actions such as increasing funding for homeless services and shelters, raising the minimum wage to $14.50 an hour, and decreasing taxes (such utility taxes).”
  • Increase focus on mental health issues
“If on the city council one of my primary focuses would be to substantially increase and improve access to mental health care across the city.”
  • Bring back free parking at the Marina for Des Moines residents
“The fact that Des Moines residents are required to pay to park at the marina – something that was free for decades until 2017 – is something I strongly oppose. In justifying the policy, city leaders say that the funding is being used to pay for the failing seawall. However, at current revenue rates it would take decades for paid parking fees to cover the millions of dollars in repairs needed. If elected I would quickly file an ordinance to once again make marina parking free for those who live in Des Moines, while retaining paid parking for those visiting from other cities (given the city has said that 70-80% of those who park at the marina are from outside the city, there would only be a 20-30% drop in revenue).”
  • Support a reduction in airplane noise and pollution
“We don’t fully understand the potential health risks of consistent, round-the-clock flights, and what we do know about it certainly isn’t good. If elected to the Des Moines City Council I would vote to endorse a proposal (such as this one) demanding a stop to any further flight increases, and to place a nighttime curfew on flights over Des Moines.”
  • Establish municipal broadband
“The price of broadband internet is beyond reach for many people, given the ridiculously high prices controlled by just a couple providers. Establishing a municipal broadband system, ran by the city, would allow Des Moines to offer its residents broadband at a fair price, and potentially even offer it to low-income individuals and families for free. If done right, the system would quickly fund itself, and give residents much more control over things such as pricing and quality (given it’s easier to raise concerns with councilmembers than with the heads of large corporations such as Comcast). Internet has become a basic utility, and it’s time we start treating it as such.”
  • Enhance the business climate
“Businesses are the backbone of any city. With that in mind, if elected to the city council I would work to ensure that the city does a better job of promoting its businesses and enhancing the business climate, through ideas such as establishing a comprehensive business directory and having the city sell discounted vouchers which could be used at Des Moines-based businesses.”
  • Require at least a 60-day notice for rent increases
“For many individuals and families, even a small increase in the cost of rent can result in a huge burden that may even force them to move. Because of this, I support passing a law that requires tenants to be given at least a 60-day notice before their rent is increased, or a 90-day notice if it’s going to be increased by more than 10%. This may not  solve the problem of someone no longer being able to afford their rent if it’s increased, but will give them more time to plan accordingly.”
  • Support a 5% citywide tax on marijuana
“Because cities split just $50,000 out of every $1 million in taxes brought in from marijuana sales, Des Moines receives a minimal figure. Placing a 5% citywide tax on marijuana would bring in nearly half a million in new annual revenue for Des Moines, which could be used to improve public safety. Generally I am against tax increases, but I believe this would have a minimal impact on people’s lives (at most it would add $0.50 per $10 gram) while having a large impact on our city’s budget. It is true that under current state law localities aren’t allowed to place their own tax on marijuana, but I’m working with a group of bipartisan state lawmakers to pass a bill that would lower the state marijuana tax from 37% to 30%, while allowing cities to place a citywide tax of up to 7%.”
  • Allow voters to choose the mayor
“Under current law voters in Des Moines don’t elect the city’s mayor. Instead, the city council chooses amongst themselves to appoint the mayor. If elected to the city council I would work to change this policy so that the mayor is a position chosen by the people, which is a far more democratic process. I believe we should do this without changing any of the power and responsibilities of the mayor (who has just one vote and no veto but does run meetings and appoint committee members), and without removing the position of city manager.”
  • Give Des Moines a stronger voice in Olympia
“I have years of experience developing and advocating for legislation with nonprofit organizations, and years of experience working with and for state lawmakers. If elected to the city council I would use this experience and expertise to give Des Moines a more prominent voice in Olympia, and would advocate for the state to give the city a bigger focus and recognize us as the blossoming and potential-filled city we are.” For more information on the campaign to elect Anthony Martinelli to the Des Moines City Council, click here.]]>