A Pop-Up Blood Donor Center is coming to Des Moines on Tuesday, June 29 and Wednesday; June 30, 2021:

They say that kindness is love in action and we believe that donating blood is the very best example there is of the kindness of a stranger. Blood donations go to people we don’t know and will never meet, yet it’s an act. kindness that changes the course of that stranger’s life. The impact of your donations is measured in the remissions, recoveries, and second chances they directly help create and those people — healthy and strong or still fighting —will be grateful to you forever. Schedule your appointment today to offer that kindness.

WHAT: Pop-Up Blood Donor Center

WHERE: Des Moines Field House: 1000 S. 220th Street (map below)

WHEN: Tuesday, June 29 & Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Schedule Your Donation Today! Visit schedule.bloodworksnw.org and use sponsor code 7768.