ArtemisHotelFront The City of Des Moines announced this week that permit applications have been received from the Yareton Investment Fund for the luxury Artemis Hotel project, to be built on Pacific Highway South. The development is the result of a trip by former Mayor Bob Sheckler, who met investor contacts while on an outreach trip to China (read our previous coverage here). “The project was slowed during this last year due to additional processing time taken by the federal agency USCIS to approve the Chinese investors’ application for EB-5 foreign investor visa designation,” reads an announcement. The investor group has decided to move forward with the permitting process in anticipation of approval. The building – to be built at 22406 Pacific Highway South – will be almost 300,000 square feet and have 235 hotel rooms. Plans include an authentic four-star Chinese restaurant of a quality and authenticity currently unavailable in the Puget Sound region, as well as an upscale spa and other high-end amenities. Further details and renderings are available at the Artemis Hotel website]]>