DMFMOpeningDay14-Nibbles Nibbles, a local family-run food business, debuted their menu today at the opening day of the Des Moines Farmers Market. The Waterland Blog, which has a booth at the Market today, set up next to Nibbles by pure chance, and therefore was lucky enough to be present when they took, cooked and served their first order ever. The Market opened its 2014 season today, and is open every Saturday through October from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. at the north end of the marina. Weather is fine, with a perfect puff of a breeze coming in from the Sound. First customer Terri Dodds, who moved to Des Moines about a year ago, made her first-ever visit to the Market today. “I saw their menu reader board, and ’Smokey Meatloaf Sandwich’ just jumped out. So that’s what I ordered,” Terri said. And so Chefs Lance and Carmen put it together, grilling two meatloaf patties. “The meatloaf is a combination of two parts ground beef and one part pork,” said Robert, Carmen’s husband. “Carmen prepares it with the perfect balance of fresh veggies.” Carmen spread mayo, prepared with carmelized onion, on the bun. Lance likes to think of their menu items as “food art” which uniquely combines Southwest American fare with a good touch of Pacific Northwest flavor. “We’ve worked on the menu for about five years,” Carmen told us. “We hope soon to grow into our own own food truck.”]]>