by Jack Mayne There will be no immediate retail marijuana store opening in Des Moines because the top-ranking applicant has not sought any of the necessary city permits for tenant improvements or for a business license, said City Manager Tony Piasecki on Thursday (July 3). “We are probably a month or two or three out” for the store opening, he said. A story in the Thursday (July 3) Seattle Times indicated that a store in Des Moines could possibly open next Tuesday (July 8). The Washington State Liquor Control Board ruled that Des Moines gets a single retail marijuana store and then vetted two qualified applicants for the store. The top-ranking applicant is Greenside Group, for a store at 23407 Pacific Highway South, and that applicant is expected to open at that address eventually. Greenside is opening another store elsewhere in the county and Piasecki said they are concentrating on getting that one opened first, then “they will turn their sights on Des Moines.” He said the city staff spoke with the Liquor Control Board about the application and “they told us that Greenside is probably the most professional, got their act together group they have been dealing with on the retail side. They follow all the rules.” The site of the store will be a “prettty nondescript building” on Pacific Highway, south of the Kent-Des Moines Road.]]>